22 thoughts on “We Are Having A Ball! J/K, Police Don’t Have Balls

  1. Officers on duty are NOT allowed to attend private parties (such as a party thrown by the police union). How many of those there are violating this policy? Doing so is a misuse of public employees, property (the vehicles they came in, their uniforms, the guns and gear they are wearing, etc.), and funds (their paychecks).

  2. Obviously he was NOT hired as security for this private party on private property or he would know who was throwing the party. Was he on duty? This is a misuse of government employees and government property. Did you think you might have smelled alcohol or marijuana? File a complaint against this officer and those who organized the party.

  3. Don't go see what he's doing. Do what most REASONABLE people would do, call 911 and report SUSPICIOUS behavior and a person YOU believe is under the influence of an illegal substance like marijuana, cocaine, or other drug or alcohol. He is dressed in dark clothing and sitting in a black SUV. I also saw that the individual has a gun. (Then sit back, cameras rolling, and see what happens:)

  4. I just watched your "JUST OBEY your Masters" video and had to watch another one of your videos just to hear you really tell them what's UP! (they just didn't get your satire; takes too high of an IQ.

  5. Is that officer outside on duty?are the officers at the party on duty? Is that officer outside using public property aka the patrol cars for personel use? Your tax dollars at work fellow tax payers. Smh the robbery never ends!!!

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