1. I think it's about time that the Citizens (or legislature .. yeah good luck with that) get a ballot item that makes it law in California that public employee personnel files must be publicly disclosable records. The unions fought so hard to make them non-public files a few decades ago.

  2. Palm Springs PD, stepping up after stepping on their on dicks. Who' da
    thought after violating NNH rights, now their fighting against the very cyber bullies they claimed to be.
    Things that make you HMMMM
    Think maybe they see the errors in their ways, already.
    Hopefully the idiots go look at how the Culver City PD handles AUDITORS in their town. Hell they give the auditors a key to the restrooms.
    Call KMIR and tell Sanchez she sux as a true journalist and go find another career.
    Next week should be fun if the AVENGER AUDITORS show up in force.
    E-1 B-SAFE & RESIST !!!!

  3. I have called their desk sgt at 760-323-8115 and liaison at 760-323-8106 about 11 Times each today and they for some reason or another seem upset and annoyed! I offered up a list of internet trolls and they don’t seem to take my list seriously! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Internet trolls? That's hilarious. Pretty sure the 1st Amendment applies here. Not sure what your definition of trolling is, but unless speech is threatening, inciting violence, or libel/slander, local, state and federal agencies are powerless. Someone hurting you feelings isn't illegal. Being the advocate and protector of the 1st Amendment that you are, you should know this already.

  5. The court system is about to be swamped. I need the statutes for misdemeanor and felony trolling. And the penal codes outlining crimes related to hurt feelings and bruised egos.

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