Mike Pence Uses MLK Quote To Justify Trump’s Wall Proposal

The Donkey of the Day for Tuesday, January 22 goes to Vice President Mike Pence for trying to rationalize President Donald Trump’s Wall Proposal with a Martin Luther King Jr. Quote on MLK Day.

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Mike Pence Uses MLK Quote To Justify Trump’s Wall Proposal

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33 thoughts on “Mike Pence Uses MLK Quote To Justify Trump’s Wall Proposal

  1. Bro there is nothing wrong with a country having a border… Every great ancient city has had tall and powerful walls to keep their people safe! And if people want to come in, they can get approved and come in LEGALLY!

  2. Yall people up north shouldn't be so quick to take up for Mexicans. I live here in San Antonio Texas an they are rasict walking talking shit stains. An if they could they would take over the entire country an turn it into a giant shit hole.

  3. My God that this guy is a complete moron but do me one favor mr. Brightside tell me one fucking thing the clintons have ever done for the black race. And match it with what Donald Trump is doing and all of the inner cities across the country sitting up huge need a job sources with government jobs building completely new buildings and placing these job sources in the what people call Hood. Doing this because these new jobs which will be well good paying jobs and he is putting them in the black communities to give them the opportunity to best get the job which should lead to cleaning up the hoods the ghettos any buildings and you jobs Will Come Back In because people will be proud of their communities and I bet you don't even have an idea that he is sign this bill which was his idea…:-) I can find you more information on it but no president has ever done anything like that in the black community and the truth is Bill and Hillary Clinton did nothing but keep blacks on welfare and keep them down by creating jobs like pushing a broom in a factory for minimum wage and that's the kind of jobs are Clinton's created or Black America and if you don't understand that well I already know you're stupid so whatever

  4. The sad part is idiots like your ass never say anything about how it's been proven the FBI and the CIA began that investigation of Trump by making the entire fucking thing up and why you people mention he was investigated without mentioning the Democrats had our FBI and CIA make the entire thing up because Hillary sure needed something to help her ass cuz she's never won an election in her damn life and still hasn't… something you never mention IS how Hillary Clinton has committed treason God knows five times or more in her pay for play Clinton Foundation and also why have 230 plus political enemies of the clintons vanished off the face of the Earth or committed suicide and sure seems like a lot of their political enemies committed suicide right before they were supposed to testify against Hillary and Bill and funny how she did not know how to handle classified material because I worked 33 years as a government employee and I learned how to handle classified material within two weeks of working for the government which everyone does and she did not know how to handle it? What bullshit . Your candidate couldn't open her mouth without telling a lie. And in Benghazi had our ambassador killed all because she was going to have an election in 7 months and could not afford for a terrorist attack to have happened so make up an entire story about a video and you probably know nothing about any of these topics but I found out the one common thing about all Democrats is none of them can discuss the topics with you because all they can do is say things like Trump used locker room talk oh my God really just like every red-blooded American and the only ones that don't are faggets and whatever you call them cross-dressing transgender whatever since Democrats can't understand science and understand there are two genders man and woman.

    For once on your channel quit just slinging shit on the wall and see if anything's dicks hasn't yet on Trump and try discussing some issues if you even fucking know what the issues our country faces in 2018… I would debate your ass under your microphone and have you hanging up within 30 minutes or within 5 minutes probably. Why do you even post videos and embarrass yourself if you don't know a damn thing and that's amazing ….how do you even have this show when you don't know a damn thing

  5. That’s a dope quote and all, but I bet he won’t talk about MLK quote when he was talking about “leading his people into a burning house.”

    But I get it though🤷🏾‍♂️ quote MLK’s preachings and hate the people who put the preachings into practice.

  6. They need to keep MLK out they mouth that man was good and humble trump and his team ain’t shit one want people together the other wants us separated don’t bring MLK in Yall’s mess

  7. Martin Luther King is a safety blanket for white people he preached non-violence he made white so comfort in what they were doing because they knew that they were going to be no repercussions Malcolm X on the other hand was talking about by any means necessary and I feel like people of color need to be on that by any means necessary

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