31 thoughts on “Say His Name…..Say His Name……Say His Name…….

  1. Say his name…hahaha
    That idiot is looking to be the next Al Sharpton!! He was acting a fool for the camera!
    Watch him, he looks over several times to make sure the cameras were still rolling!!!

  2. Llet's look at reality here. They are like praising this man. He's a career Criminal. And he's driving around with a fucking shotgun between his legs. Law-abiding citizens all drive around with altered firearms in our car. So with you driving around with an altered firearm between your legs you're up to something….. Armed robbery a fucking murder what are you going to do with that fucking altered firearm between your fucking legs driving around. And if he was going to shoot or murder somebody with that altered firearm between his legs. Maybe someone was saved from being the next victim of this career Criminal….. Driving around with an altered firearm between his legs.

    Yes perhaps the pics did murder him. But Alta you work if I see somebody with the firearm anywhere near me that I think might fucking shoot me or try to do something with that gun I am going to fucking retaliate before they fucking do anything to me.

    So what is the real point of these people coming into this meeting with a bunch of fucking pigs and politicians that fucking lie about everything.

    It's fucking pathetic to want Justice for a guy that was definitely out driving around with a fucking altered firearm between his legs because he was going to go to a crime.

    It's amazing how some people can be so ignorant.

    And don't even think that I'm some kind of a racist or somthing like that. Because in no way shape or form am I a racist.

    I hate bad pigs. I hate city board members because they're all lying criminals.

    But Justice for,, a career Criminal, that is driving around with an altered firearm between his legs, stolen car, which means he was out there to do some crimes . Ass Backwards! l

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