41 thoughts on “James Freeman Tackled, Beaten, Tased, for recording AZ State Police

  1. Freeman, this is for you: you do realize, that these cops have a job to do, right? You are only harassing them for a job they were hired to do. They are also hired to protect people like you. I find it despicable that you harass officers when these are the very people you call when you need help. That makes you the ultimate hypocrite, and I see through it, as should a lot of other people. How would you like it if you got a REAL job and people harassed you? Wouldn't like it too much, would you? Sure, you can delete this comment, but you cannot take away the fact that many, many people respect police officers not only for the bravery they exhibit every single day, but for keeping idiots like you safe. Don't you dare call any cops in the future, because that would make you look more foolish than you already do. Have a great day.

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  3. tackled beaten and tased 😳🤔 these cops are crazy and dont know what they are doing man wauw!
    law suit i hope! these cops need to get of the streets and kicked out of the force asap

  4. James COMPLETELY DESERVED ARREST. You just need to listen to him, and it's obvious to anyone but a fool.

    Seeking justice by constantly hurling obscenities and vile insults at our police officers who actually are just trying to do their job – yeah, that makes sense. He claims to be working for justice, but CLEARLY HE IS NOT. He works hard to stir up violence and conflict for clickbait income. It's how he makes his living – attacking people for donations.

    "Like charcoal to hot embers and wood to fire,
    So is a contentious man to kindle strife."
    Proverbs 26:21
    That's James Freeman.

  5. James I would really like to get in contact with you, or maybe you could make a video informing us on what we can do to help increase the level of accountability these robots have. Your channel has really sparked a flame in my heart on this issue and I feel like a useless bystander. Any information would be great.

  6. Damn man WTF… Hearing the homie James yelling for them to stop punching him just REALLY REALLY pissed me TF off… This is why i haven't started going out and recording tyrants because if i was with this man right when that dude started hitting him i would have been giving that P.O.S. a taste of his own medicine… Man much respect for everything you've done for everyone bro seriously…

  7. I love the fact you we're arrested for being a pos how much money did it end up costing you. A bunch of people are starting petitions to ban all these videos from you tube. I guess you'll have to go get a real job for a change .Make sure you tell all potential employers how you job was to annoy anyone and everyone else who was working.

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