To Narcan or Not to Narcan That is the Question

Cops carrying and being required to administer narcan as primary responders is becoming more and more common but does it make more and more common sense as the BEST option in response to opioid abuse/addiction?

I make my brief case for why I think sometimes what is good can get in the way of what is BEST when it comes to how we approach problems in our communities in connection with law enforcement.

I’m by no means in a position where I feel like I couldn’t be persuaded to see things differently, but this is a synopsis of where I stand on the issue at the moment.

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Author: rafael.nieves


34 thoughts on “To Narcan or Not to Narcan That is the Question

  1. The "root of the problem" is something no one wants to deal with, and as first responders we are often the only ones capable of saving these folks lives. The "personal responsibility" mantra people spew is just a slippery slope waiting to happen. One day we ignore narcotic od's in the name of responsibility… Then what? You've had high cholesterol your entire life and are overweight, so we are going to not bother with CPR as you should have taken better care of yourself?

    We do what we can to save every person we can. Narcan will help that, and first responders are the perfect folks to have the greatest impact.

  2. How about this solution? Kill all of the people who sell and/or produce drugs like Heroin, Fentanyl, Flakka, Crystal Meth etc, that would get rid of the source of the problem and it would be cheap, quick and simple

  3. How do you fix an existential issue to the group of people that are being deemed the oppressor of a society. This is a problem of a societal level where we lift up women and don’t acknowledge men. There’s a ton pf problems to this

  4. Most addicts that get woken by narcan are pissed and are looking to get high right away again. 24 hr mandatory aftercare and treatment options should be part of the narcan package. If you get dosed with narcan it should be right to the hospital for observation and plugging into treatment.

  5. So what's your point then? If they know they're going to go to jail when they wake up, most are going to choose to just take their chances without the narcan. Being able to arrest an addict isn't going to "get to the root of the problem". At all. Being an addict isn't a crime, it's a mental disorder. You are completely wrong about this.. it sounds to me like you have something against drug addicts. That's like having a problem with people who are depressed. Nobody is trying to make it your responsibility to save all the addicts. They give you the narcan because if you beat the EMS to the scene then you can save their life, not wait for the EMS to do it.

  6. Why do politicians think they know it all. Just with a few minutes of listening and reading, sounds like medical people should be involved in any discussion and I highly doubt one was in Lansing on the floor discussing all factors. Also. Ax Mike pointed out, band-aid are not the cure.

  7. My friend s daughter is a heroin addict and a prostitute she was out of it in her car parked in front of CVS the cop didn't arrest her he just woke her up and sent her home I think it was because she's extremely pretty a well dressed addict I feel sorry for my friend because one day her daughter is going to die she is now currently jailed I hope this helps her cop busted her for prostitution such an extremely sad life she leads if she would get off the dope she could see her kid she chooses not to I can't imagine choosing dope over my son and I have more problems than she does and I wouldn't do dope

  8. When it first started I thought Denver's clean needle trade-in program was a bad idea. Now Denver gives out Naloxone (injectable Narcan) with clean needles. I didn't think it was possible but Denver has now eliminated all danger and deterrent towards recreational opium use.

  9. As someone who has worked fire and EMS and am now a nurse I will say even though police shouldn't be responsible for providing medical care, they would have to be dispatched to these calls anyway. I'd say a good 60-70% of the time I've responded and needed to use Narcan the subject would come up and become assaultive. I've even heard of incidents where they've been armed and came up shooting. I always hated having to give it because I had to anticipate a fight.

  10. Save the narcan for the first responders in case of accidental overdose, let those who chose incorrectly remove themselves from the gene pool. Why should we taxpayers be supporting the addicts that are going to self destruct anyway?

  11. I am not a fan of narcan in general I feel everyone should get one revive with narcan then if it happens again EMS should just bag them and transport. Narcan makes it easy for people to do these things cause they know there’s a good chance they’ll be saved.

  12. It's gotten to the point where I live where armed robberies are going on and we have to wait almost an hour for a few county deputies to arrive from 3 cities across the county because police here are so tied up with giving Narcan to people overdosing. Neighbors are getting more armed than ever to defend each other because police just can't be available anymore. No warning, straight head shot and we are not playing anymore.

  13. people get out of the way of police cars faster than ambulances. so a lot of times they're first on scene…especially in places where its 20-30 minutes to a medical facility…..i agree that if they treat an overdose the person should be. arrested..but the point is cops do fuck all 75% of the time. they should be required to respond to every medical emergency…or just shot out of a cannon into space..either would make me happy…

  14. You don't see the part that you can't help someone who has died. Nobody WANTS to overdose or thinks I have Narcan so I can do as much as I want. Narcan is an extremely easy way to fight against this opioid epidemic, of course it's a bandade but you have to fight against the very high death rate already by opioids. Maybe people who are saved by Narcan will overthink their lives and so be part of this community again. If they die, they are forever lost. It's a tool which can administred very easily, and if it isn't an opioid overdose, it won't do any harm. It can only help, so I don't see your standpoint.

  15. I was quite surprised about your view on this matter. I really love all your videos but I strongly disagree on this point. Police are public servants and wether a person is an addict or not it does not make their life any less valuable than any other situation where you would do what you could to save someone’s life. The point of police carrying narcan is not that the act of reversing an overdose will make them get clean, it’s to give them another chance at life so they may seek treatment. Of course narcan isn’t solving the actual root of the issue but I can guarantee that some addicts who have been revived with narcan went on to seek treatment for the addiction and over come it. How can you look at that video with the child trying to revive her mother and say with a straight face that child don’t deserve to have a second chance at having a mother that may get clean. Mike the purpose of the laws that promise immunity from prosecution in a medical situation with addicts are put in place because sadly a lot of times if multiple addicts are using together and one overdoses there’s a good chance they are all going to leave the user who has overdosed in fear of being charged with murder or possession. Every life is valuable and addiction does not discriminate against color, religion, or tax bracket. If a fellow officer you know and love fell into an addiction and you found him overdosed do you think you would feel the same way as you do now about it not being polices problem? This country is smack in the middle of not just a addiction epidemic but an addiction APOCALYPSE and it seems that family’s or ppl who haven’t been touched by addiction or who haven’t suffered watching someone you love be a slave to a drug have this mentality that if they overdose then they somehow don’t deserve life or that they brought this on themselves. There only one who can truly deem life valuable or invaluable ☝️ and thank goodness officers who share your thoughts on this issue aren’t that one. Thank god law makers disagree with you and thank god for officers who understand that all life is valuable and anyone who can say that they would just rather not save a life shouldn’t wear that uniform. I was such a big fan before this and I usually don’t mind if a creator I like disagrees on political issues or whatever but this video has made it so I could never trust your judgement again.

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