Sheriff Alex Villanueva Fanning the Flames

Part 1

I should have also pointed out the attacks on MEDIA
ALEX VILLANUEVA HAS ALLOWED HIS DEPUTIES TO VIOLENTLY ARREST several credentialed media as well as independent media.

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COVID-19 Updates

335 LASD Employees, 2,585 Jail Inmates Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

LA County Sheriff’s Deputies Not Wearing Masks As Required, Inspector General Says

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35 thoughts on “Sheriff Alex Villanueva Fanning the Flames

  1. I had to watch this again. NICE. I'm going to promote your channel some more like I always have. Thanks Laura Ill treat you and Daniel to a steak and shrimp dinner on me . If you guys are down see you soon. Please tell my teacher and virtual friend TZ Seeking Justice News sends his respects .

  2. Laura were all doing an excellent job and look how much were exposing on thee LASD , especially you and TZ, RMonday. I also like WCDigital . Were all doing an excellent job at exposing the LA Co. Sheriff's Dept/ I love all my brothers and sisters stay safe and record Te LA Sheriffs every chance we get. I loved this video . Fuck Alex Villanueva

  3. Laura stay safe. its coming. I'm not necessarily for violence but as a veteran, I am for police accountability. This Villanuevo character has it coming. I might just look the other way. Obvious gang.

  4. When the police are militarized AND politicized, its time to arm yourselves. When they're hunting you down in the street its too late.
    Don't assume someone else is going to stand up for YOUR rights or YOUR life when the people who's job it is to do that are taking YOUR rights and YOUR life.
    A LOT of people stand to be exposed for a lot of criminal activity if Trump loses the election and they won't go down without a fight. If Trump wins the election, expect things to be much, much, much worse.
    Either way, no one can just be a bystander anymore.

  5. Very well done sweetie pie. Excellent job . Dang ur artistic . Lol I draw stick people. Girl thst Alex Villaballsniffer is a bad bad human ( animal) . How do these people do thst job, the life we have here is short when it comes to eternity we will PREVAIL . We will be laughing at all the law enforcement personnel that rode the train to hell

  6. @Laura Shark, you did a much better job this time by adding a bit more time between the slides by slowing/pausing them before moving on to the next. Thank you. 👌 See you next time.

  7. We all know that cops kill (thru various methods) 1800 Americans per year, from the time of 1st contact until they reach the jail. Yet it has been estimated that through "accidents" and incarceration cops kill as many as 5300-5400 Americans per year. If Villainoushuevos is not changing that trend then he is part of the same old problem.

    So far, Villainoushuevos has shown he is of the same dumb breed that will continue an order of abuse. Lest we continue the fight.

  8. Our Sheriff Alex Villanueva is a total Douchebag, we have in Los Angeles County Sheriff's Gangs-The 3000 Gang, The Jump Out Boys, The Executioners out of Compton, Lynwood Vikings, and many other little cliques. Our former Mayor of Gardena/UnderSheriff Paul Tanaka is sitting in Jail with our former Sheriff Lee Baca, so now we have a Turf War between We The People, local gangs, and the Sheriff's gangs-this is a total mess, then the Sheriff says on Local TV that Sheriff Gangs don't exist in his Dept. So you see our PROBLEM !!!!

  9. Here’s the Problem, how can 2 Public Service Organizations 1.the Police Unions 2. The City Councils, make a Contract when both cannot exist without Taxpayers who fund all of their activities, so where are the Taxpayers Copies of these Contracts ? The Police Unions are not negotiating with the Taxpayers, some of their Perks would be taken out of these contracts during negotiations or the taxpayers would contract with the County Sheriff’s Dept. If negotiations collapsed.

  10. How can a Public Sector Entity have a Union when Taxpayers are funding Everything ??? I can understand a Private Sector Union, its all about negotiations, so when are we going to be notified that a Contract was made without our Consent or Full Disclosure of the terms of that Contract ???

  11. Recall Petition for the Sheriff, I don’t know how he got elected, I think it was ballot harvesting by the Sec of State Alex Padilla, shenanigans at the upper echelons of State/ Corporation masquerading as Government, when Bernie Sanders won the California Primary against the Hildabeast but the results said HRC had won, that’s when I became suspicious of elections, when usually you vote No for a ballot initiative except the “Yes on 6 gas tax” to say no to the tax, it would be better to inform the public about these slick end arounds of legalese to get us to vote without disclosure against our best interest.

  12. At this point . Who can believe these cops really were shot? Agenda is what? Deceive the people? Hollywood type B.S. special effects? Trust nothing at this point. The Blue lives matter movement has Billion$ to back it. Fund it. Create it. Execute it. Oh btw Supreme Court ruling says they dont hv to tell the truth. Trust respect these Heros… 👎 Bad ones continue to fire the good ones.

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