Police Dash Cam Citizen Fires at Suspect. Parma Police

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CLEVELAND, OHIO — Parma police have arrested a man who was involved in a domestic dispute before fleeing from officers Tuesday evening.

A K-9 officer saw Shon Burton, 22, driving erratically out of an apartment complex on Chevrolet Boulevard.

Officials said the officer attempted to catch up with Burton, who attempted to pull into the Snowville Shopping Plaza after running a red light at Chevrolet Boulevard and Snow Road.

When the officer approached Burton, a concerned citizen with a concealed carry permit pulled up in his vehicle and stopped in front of Burton’s vehicle in an attempt to block his path.

Burton did not comply with the officer’s commands and attempted to flee as he officer was reaching inside of his vehicle.

As Burton pulled forward to flee, he rammed the citizen’s vehicle, according to a press release.

According to police, the citizen then fired multiple shots at the suspect’s vehicle.

The citizen stated that he was in fear for his own life as well as the officer’s life. He stated he believed the officer was being dragged away.

After Burton fled the scene, he crashed his vehicle at Brookpark and Tiedeman roads.

When the officer went to look for Burton, he found the crash and additional citizens told the officer where the suspect fled.

The officer found Burton running from the Sam’s Club parking lot on Tiedeman Road, where he was taken in custody.

Officers later discovered a loaded sawed-off shotgun in the area of where Burton crashed.

The shotgun had previously been reported stolen out of Kentucky.

Officers discovered the Burton had been involved in a domestic dispute that involved guns.

He is charged with felonious assaults and failure to comply with a police order.

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49 thoughts on “Police Dash Cam Citizen Fires at Suspect. Parma Police

  1. jeep driver lifts weapon @ 0:49 so lucky he didnt get shot by the leo. he was raising the level of anxiety for the cop and the amount of potential threats . this is why good cops are gold, the cop must have recognised the stranger (jeep driver) as an alia and that's why he didn't get shot. imagine a robot or panicked cop trying to deal with this situation right here. end of the day the jeep driver put the cop in a super difficult position. not ideal. the best thing the jeep driver could have done was reverse.

  2. I appreciate the citizen was trying to help, but just getting in the way was the best idea, not firing your weapon as a CPL owner. Let the cop do the job, you could be sued for firing at someone. Hopefully this guy wasn't in trouble after this.

  3. Gun crazy Americans absolutely sickening how you all justify pulling a gun out and shooting someone for ramming your car slightly. That guy tried to be Mr. Vigilante cop for 5 mins by putting his car in front of the suspects car to stop him from trying to get away. It was his own fault he got rammed he knew what he was doing. In no way was he in fear for his life but let's put that in there to justify him shooting at the suspect. My God if that happened in my country the vigilante wanna be cop would have been arrested and locked up! 1. for possessing a firearm. 2. for firing his weapon endangering lives. 3. for interfering in a police matter, not to mention attempted murder. Absolutey appalling gun laws in America.

  4. no one commenting on the fact that the officer was still reaching into the vehicle when the citizen first fired? He could have stuck the officer, the last few shots were fine cause the officer was clear, but that first one.. no way!

  5. That citizen is lucky the cop didn't shoot him! What a f-ing IDIOT! Stay the F away and let the cops handle their business. UNREAL. Dumbest thing I ever saw!!!!!

  6. Jeep should give his guns away.. and start counting his prayers after not receiving return fire from the officer.. Most officers would shot him dead in 2sec flat.. and no one would have ever know WTF he was thinking or doing.. In fear of his life?? come on bro, are you that big of a bitch or just having wet dreams of being a vigilante..

  7. Had I not had my wife and kids n the car I might've tried to put an end to a police chase involving the Hazel Park, Mi. police  where I was also in the auxiliary police there.  The guy was coming wb into a turn around on 8 mile road with 2-3 police cars in chase, I was sitting at the same turnaround headed eb & I could've lurched forward crashing into his vehicle as he made the turn. Beside the fact the wife  & kids were with me there's 2 reasons I didn't. Damage to my own car and I'd already heard the guys complain about citizens trying to Help. But I wish I would've, SOB got away!

  8. Seems like the idiot was looking for an excuse to draw his gun. When he found that excuses the next step was to find an excuse to actually use it to try and kill someone.

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