23 thoughts on “Move The Stop Down The Road Where There Are No Cameras

  1. Tell the cops that you do not consent to give up any of your Constitutional or civil rights. You do not consent to any search or seizure of your person, property, or possessions and from this point on any compliance with their orders or commands is being done under duress for fear of bodily harm, death, and loss of your liberty and should not be interpreted as consent to give up any of your Constitutional or civil rights. Tell the cop you want a court appointed lawyer present before and during any questioning and you do not consent to extending the time of this stop and detention beyond that which is absolutely necessary for them to complete and issue any warning or ticket. I'm not a lawyer and recommend you consult one before following my advise. It is my belief that evidence they collect will not be admissible in court. They will be wasting their time doing anything beyond issuing you a ticket, which they were going to do anyway.

  2. all road pirates should be taken off our roads. they do nothing good for the people. the are just corrupt thieves.
    the tax payers have to pay for. DE-FUND THE POLICE

  3. Are Fate, Texas cops that big of pussies that they need 5 cops and cars out on this one call. Oh, that's right, there is a camera on scene so they need to show up to protect their tyrant buddy

  4. I would never let someone paw thru my shit, just because they have this addiction to search. They really need to start a new center for cops. The Betty Ford Clinic for Cops with (ID, detain (illegally) or Search you Car) disorder. Then a much longer and more painful one on Entering a house without a Warrant or Justification. Geez they are really going thru his shit. Checking out the engine bay, hey you know they put drugs in gas tank, maybe they should take that out. Should of removed the door panels too.. Search his car like that for a speeding ticket that sounds shady.. grrr

  5. This should set an example of what is actually going on daily by these revenuers … singled him out & 4 ~ cops and 1 ripping through his entire car 👀 good thing this was video taped 🤷🏼‍♂️ who knows what could have transpired which also says allot about how cops are perceived today 😬

  6. Having the driver pull up in his car is probably the most dangerous thing he could have done.. if he was worried about drugs or guns he would have had a bigger problem than the camera guy.. I have never seen cops let someone back in their car after pulling them out.

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