Rapper PLIES Has a Huge Questions for Cops

Rapper “PLIES” asks cops to help him understand a question he has about the difference between catching the waffle house shooter compared to what he perceives to be the indiscriminate taking of unarmed teen lives.

I’m open to PLIES correcting me, but he definitely seems to infer this is an issue of race. I think there are vastly more important underlying sources of violence and try to explain that factually as well as honestly help him understand the differences in the arrests he’s talking about.

My invitation to have more open dialogue with him remains open.

THANKS to OD for letting me know about this: https://www.youtube.com/user/officerdaniels1

PLIES video: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh7OfbgHEfa/?hl=en&taken-by=plies

UCR stats all from: https://ucr.fbi.gov/

Washington Post Info: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings/
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38 thoughts on “Rapper PLIES Has a Huge Questions for Cops

  1. Guys, it was brought to my attention I didn't move the decimal in percentages. So:
    .002 is .2%
    .0002 is .02%
    .00008 is .008%

    Etc. Details do matter and so does the integrity of what I'm trying to say. It changes nothing about the point I'm making in response but I want to make sure that's known. No way we could go back and re-film or edit at this point so just putting it out on front street here in a pinned comment. Never thought I'd have to pin myself 🙂

  2. I have a question for PLIES, why do you always pick the dumbest most violent losers to turn into martyrs? There are legit examples of wrongly shot and killed people, but those are never the ones used as an excuse to riot and loot, and for damn sure never used as a reason for genuine protest.

  3. yeah, i see videos and read stories about cops who kill people and clearly get away with murder, because the cop is always right and courts are more likely to come down on the cop's side no matter what they did. But I also see videos and read stories about "unarmed" criminals being killed, but they were not really unarmed. Sometimes they were armed with a knife, sometimes with a car or truck, sometimes they're just big strong men attempting to kill with their hands, sometimes they're struggling to take an officer's weapon. Most of the time these "unarmed" criminals die because they're stupid and violent. My advice to PLIES is, don't be stupid and violent and you greatly reduce the likelihood of being shot. But that's probably too much to ask.

  4. I think your channel is ok but I don't like it enough to subscribe. Frankly you talk to much and how embarrassing that you felt compelled to lip-sync a pedophile to show you're not racist.

  5. Does he ever ask why his brothers are shooting other brothers in Chicago every week??
    Did he want to have a big beer powwow like b.o. (#44) did when the cop arrested the stupid professor for breaking into his own house (no i.d.)??
    So this wanna be gangster rapper used his platform to blm slam cops??

  6. Last week I was pulled over for brake light issue, the cop asked if I knew why I was stopped and my off the cuff smart ass mouth replied "because I'm a young black man?"…I'm a 57 y/o white man with a white beard living in Idaho. The cop started laughing and as he walked away he said over his shoulder "get your brake light fixed" I'm sure the local cops are still laughing at me and thats better than a ticket any day

  7. Did i have well understood ??? 10 f*cking MILLIONS of people arrested in one year (only 365 days, for reminder) !?
    Isn't the U.S.A. population lightly above 300 millions now ? So it makes 1 person on 30 who was arrested in that country, in one year. Wow…
    Violent (and globally undisciplined) society. I understand why cops are sometimes stressed.

  8. While I really respect the work you are doing, and that it is coming from a cop, none of this information is hard to find. Apparently, what is hard, is the willingness to test one's own hypotheses and beliefs. Thanks for doing the good work this world needs.

  9. I've recently had a conversation with an elder to me. He was speaking of how black young men aren't taught how to interact with cops. This was amazing to me. I knew this as a child. I'd never been taught how to interact with a cop. I just knew. He said he believes that because young black men aren't being taught how to interact with a police officer they're being killed. Wait, so how are these young Americans that you speak of interacting with everyone else? Common courtesy is a basic skill isn't it? If not that might be the root of the situation…

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