5 thoughts on “LAPD in Venice Take Vodka From Homeless Man

  1. here you are, siting there poor as heck, just trying to pass the day peacefully, and two cats in costume with guns roll up putting rubber gloves on getting ready to put a hurt on your life. what kind of person gets out of bed everyday to do a job like this? I'll tell you, either the playground bully, or the ones that were bullied in school.

  2. Sure was a lot of trash strewn around on the beach and other places there. Why did the police take that man's vodka? Is having an open container of alcohol against an ordinance or something? I can see why some in the community would like to see these fellows move into a better situation. Their conditions don't look so good. Looks like they came straight out of the Warsaw ghetto.

  3. It kills me to see cops just harass people for no reason. That man was minding his own business and these clowns just fucked with that man. He was just sitting there doing his own thing. Why do cops insist on just harassing members of the public?

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