Hey guys, Underpaid Producer here! In this Clip of Off The Cuff, Mike and Dave talk about Donald Trumps “Assault on Immigrant Children”

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Author: rafael.nieves


35 thoughts on “KIDS IN CAGES!!!

  1. Guy in red is such a fucking tool. "we won, it's our land now" I realize he's most likely illiterate so he hasn't read anything about what the settlers did to the native Americans, but if he knew about the atrocities that were committed he would keep his mouth shut. The fact that conquest happened elsewhere in the world does not excuse centuries of abuse.

  2. Mike, you cannot responsibly generalize that all children are being used "to get in and play that card". While some maybe are "used", it stands to reason that "families" migrate as units…
    are you expecting the dad to leave mom and kids behind while he escapes whatever he feels must be escaped.. Mike, you mostly make sense, but for this repetition of soundbytes fed to you by shallow thinkers.

  3. I think some those photos are from the Obama era. To be a liberal you have to be a hypocrite and are all about feelings instead of FACTS!! They never do any research on anything they bitch about. If they did they'll usually find that the media or the Democrats usually both are lying to them!! I'm so sick of liberals being stupid…lol!!

  4. I completely agree that they broke the law. I also find it horrible that the families were separated from each other and find it sad that a lot of them are still separated. But i have to disagree from what you both said pertaining to "I'm here so take care of me now". Although they are illegals in a country not their own, Mexican people imo from the ones i've known(Possibly could have been illegal idk) have worked their asses off to pay bills and live a far far farrrrrr better life then they would in Mexico or elsewhere south the border. Again i agree they broke the law but in all honesty i would do exactly the same thing they did if the country i was living in had a high death rate with a high drug problem and where my kids(I don't have kids but if i did) are more likely to end up in the drug cartels with a small life expectancy because those motherfuckers are ruthless and have murdered young and old men and woman for saying no to them. I would absolutely cross into another country illegal or not. Even if i was sent back and my kids were taken from me and sent somewhere other then there. I would at least know they wouldn't be right back where i don't at least want them to be.

    And i know you country lovin dudes don't know what that is like to live somewhere like that but at least give it a thought. People don't just get one day and pack a bag and hike their families across the border just to sight see. Its horrible there and i completely understand why they are doing this. If only it wasn't so difficult to get in legally or if their government wasn't so dam corrupt we wouldn't have something like this happening.

    But i guess that makes me a libtard or whatever name has been added to the name calling list

  5. I am the product of illegal immigration on both sides the Mexican (first generation) and Irish (fourth generation) and not only have none of my direct lineage (we have distant cousins on the Irish side) to include brothers and sisters have ever committed any hostile crimes, speeding and such is another story. Every generation have sent our sons to war for this country, myself included (I have deployed my sons are way too young).

    You dismissing it out of hand really is disheartening, and just when I was thinking I found a cop worthy of the badge.

    And before anyone asks what I’ve done about it, I have donated to a charity to help with detainees’ legal fees. 🇺🇸😢

  6. Come on over to Canada and at roxom rd in the east! Our government will literally let you in! Legally! Illegally! We have permanent tents set up with personal RCMP chofeurs!

    We have a shitty useless liberal government ruining Canada. No joke, look up our boarder crisis.

  7. We aren't going to do anything about it? No? Really? Mark my words…the 2020 election will be the greatest turnout in nearly a century. That's what we're going to do. And, btw, every single election hence. And no, they're wrong in making it a crime to want to be an American.

  8. I am usually in agreement with both of you and I enjoy your podcasts very much. This time, however, I strongly disagree with you. Unlike what you said I have emailed my congressman, my state rep and the governor. I have also tweeted the "master tweeter" President Trump. I don't know what else I could do so I did what I could.

  9. "Why would it be my responsibility…[to take care of those kids]?" Because thats how society should fucking work. If children are in danger you step in, no matter where they were born. ESPECIALLY if they have crappy, criminal parents (who of course shouldn't have brought them here or (in my personal opinion) maybe never even should have had them in the first place.) But these traumatized, lost kids are here, they are alive, and child refugees all over the world are the generation of people our own children are gonna have to deal with for the rest of their lives. So if not for the foreign human child's sake, take good care of them for your own children's sake.

  10. I disagree with many of your premises, but I am glad you talked about a streamlined and cheaper process to enter the country. This is definitely needed. Lawyer and court fees are ridiculous.

    Why can't it be as simple as going to the port of entry and requesting citizenship. $40 background check, a couple of non-family references, and an interview of some kind and they can become a citizen. No court, no lawyers.

    This may be a little more controversial, but if they are in the country I think they should have the option of going through the above process to be granted citizenship. Everyone stays together that are just here to work and have a family and the ones that are the criminals can be tried and convicted. Deportations cost a great deal of money and simply dont work as they just come right back over the border.

    When the Irish came off the boat, they just had them sign a piece of paper and enlist immediately (not a fan of that lol). Just saying that it wasn't always that complicated of a process.

  11. Wait, the "cages" are just one issue. There is also the splitting of families! And talking about it can change something. It shows public interest. If that doesnt work, there are still protests!
    I still liked your input on this, though. Its important to get into the discussion, thats what keeps democracy running.

  12. Wow. A cop supports putting children in cages and separating them from their parents. Just wow.

    Undocumented immigrants, especially children should, even if they are not going to be allowed into the country, be treated like human beings, not animals, until deported.

    If there is one thing I have a «Zero Tolerance» for, it’s traumatizing children.

    The jokes and the dehumanisation in this video is sickening to watch for a European citizen.

    Get well soon.

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