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Cops needing more training might be a perception folks have but what’s it based on? Fact or fiction? Social Media or Reality?

Mike the cop and the underpaid producer take to midtown Detroit on the campus of Wayne State University to ask folks the simple question “What’s wrong with the Police These Days”

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22 thoughts on “Cops Need More Training? | Man On The Street

  1. This shouldn’t be a ‘those damn libtards!’ moment. This is a very serious indicator that the public doesn’t trust the police anymore, which isn’t something that cops can just brush off.

  2. Hey mike the cop whos not a cop. In a time where laws are changing pretty rapidly across the states through voting, supreme court rulings, executive orders, non expert law makers trying to pass political laws in favor of their party where things were once legal arent, and what was illegal now isn't. I think cops are just doing their job and like to do it, but because of the changing of laws, seeing a cop killing someone for something that's completely legal in the next state over, even in self defense, is hard to watch or justify for me, as that wouldn't have even needed law enforcement presence at all. The best way i can explain this to a cop who loves being a cop and getting criminals off the street and is a supporter of the 2nd amendment, if Biden wins the 2020 election, hes already said hes going after AR-15. So every United States loving, working, tax paying citizen who has that gun will be a criminal until they give it up, and if they are found with it they will be forced to hand it over in a time or criminally charged. If resists come from that, police shoot people who resist very often, especially if they know they are armed especially with a rifle. That's what just doing their job is going to look like. Criminals aren't bad people, just on the wrong side of the law at the time. Its not to say bad people dont exist, but rather that a lot of criminals are in fact also bad people. However, Robin Hood is probably my favorite character/role model of doing the right thing, and "due process", the rightful king, saw him as innocent and the "state" as guilty regardless of the multiple charges that brought him to capital punishment by the "state". The world is desperate right now, when people dont have what they need to go on they find a way, usually through crime, so crime in itself should be viewed as really different right now, which from what ive heard only the really emergency calls are being responded to. I think it should kind of always be like that. I wish people had some self defense course they went through in high school or something, as i think cops would be less involved in dumb stuff they dont want to be involved with in the first place.
    Personally i think qualified immunity has helped cementing this idea of criminals are bad guys and has stopped critical thinking to a degree, and allows for police to do criminal behavior. I think in a time before george floyd the public would have been really lenient on police use of violence as a jury if this was common practice. If more people were brought in for due processing, better and more applicable laws, better understanding of our current laws, and reasonable punishments can be had through the judicial system rather than by non expert politically charged law makers.
    So i dont think its cops are the main issue with me. I think its a systemic issue that cops are the face of all the bad of the government PR as that's where they are stationed, the front line. I think cops are used workers for people above them, who's word really does reach the communities (my city almost always votes on the side of the police opinion), and who's protests should be heard when had as they are there directly dealing with the shit. "just doing my job" is the worst part to me, as it makes it harder to see the human inside the uniform, and easier to see the cog in the machine who signed up to be there…
    thanks for your time. hope you and yours are well. take care.

  3. People are not taught to value life. Society has issues of not liking to be told what to do. Children are raised without respecting authority. Participation trophies make dumbasses think that no one is supposed to lose.

  4. 2 words traffic situations.
    I dont know any little children who wanted to grow up to be cops and write speeding tickets. Most common interaction monster civilians have with law enforcement unsafe for all parties, terrible for PR. And I cant imagine it helps moral. Only thing it does is slide some liquidity into the state.

  5. Very unexpected Sir! Well done! Just shows that ignorance is bliss…. Or the direct cause of so much reverse racism and hate. I'll say that answer can swing both ways, or in "spectrum ways"…..

  6. Ok Mike I see the biggest problem with police these days is that there are too many videos of BAD interactions going around YouTube and not enough videos of good police interactions. Although people share the BAD videos more because they get more attention.

  7. Perception in too many cases is the reality, and the reality people absorb is through social media from a 10-second clip without the context of the entire situation from start to finish. Also people today lack the fundamentals of being able to have an open discussion where facts are considered and not disregarded. "I believe that real education presupposes a sense of proportion in physical, mental, and moral development; and that he alone is educated who has learned the lessons of self-control and open-mindedness." ~K.R.B. Flint, Norwich University 1903

  8. I think the problem with police is the brass , too busy trying to be politicians, and making sure the officers are writing enough tickets.

    and the second thing would be not enough one-on-one time with normal people and officers just hanging out. Get the next generation to stop fearing the police.

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