Body Cam: Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport Police

This video takes us behind the scenes at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport (KDFW), where on December 3, 2020, a belt loader was inadvertently wedged beneath an Embraer E175LR (N258NN), operating as Envoy Air 3517. The driver of the belt loader was fine. The aircraft was… not as fine. It’s not the most heart-racing footage, but it does present a view that is rarely seen by the general public. And something a bit more exciting follows.

Also in this video is new material from our sister channel @What You Haven’t Seen, which publishes original reporting and exclusive footage covering transportation safety. Unusually, both videos could have easily fit on either channel, since the @What You Haven’t Seen footage shows the unintentional destruction of a Bell 206L-4 helicopter (N119SP) operated by Minnesota State Patrol. As seen here, the MSP helicopter was significantly damaged while conducting ground rescue personnel exercises at an Army training site in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

0:00 Dispatch audio, CCTV
1:34 Police arrive on scene
6:36 MN State Patrol helicopter mishap


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50 thoughts on “Body Cam: Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport Police

  1. Wait so you're telling me this is what you meant when you said "Ima destroy that belt-loader, bby 😉😉😘💦💦💦"

  2. I've driven those loaders for years. It could have been a loader she was unfamiliar with. At FedEx, those loaders were notoriously finnicky and the forward and reverse switches on them were sometimes reversed. So it's very possible she thought she was putting the loader in reverse, and instead took off straight under the aircraft.

  3. BLM has since paid her fines & is currently lobbying for her to be a pilot since it’s wrong that just cause the vehicle the male pilot drove was privileged enough to not be punished due to his privileged behavior they both need large passenger airliners

  4. Never drive under a plane! And don’t walk between a tractor and what it’s towing! I’m certain those are universal safety rules. I’m confident she received formal training before driving that beltloader.
    I miss the smell of fuel on the tarmac. United Ramp Service and Bag Room are the best group of guys I’ve ever worked with. Love you United IAD!

  5. I’m glad that nothing and nobody has ever hit one of my airplanes during my career but I did have a close call once. In Kuwait, the lights of another aircraft suddenly lit our cockpit up like daylight. I grabbed a nearby mic and yelled onto ground frequency “Evergreen 747, STOP!!!” Somehow they didn’t see us and nearly rammed us beak-to-beak while we were parked and preparing for our next flight.

    But I do know another pilot who smacked another aircraft on the ground while taxiing. She did that at Ramstein. And on another occasion, in Rota, I was in the aircraft during gale force winds out on the ramp. The winds tore a roof off of a building and it landed right on top of a nearby Lear, destroying it.

  6. The pilot did an excellent job of avoiding further disaster. He must have known his engine was going down so used the last bit of power to extract

  7. Do not know why I was called? Have no experince in USA but in Canada if you are impaired whether it is a car or plane or forkilift or golfcart or belt loader you are charged with DUI. Maybe your there to observe if any signs of impairment?

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