Arkansas Trooper Cheats Death in 116 MPH PIT Maneuver

From the report of Arkansas State Police Trooper Logan Hall, lightly edited for clarity and brevity:

“On February 15, 2020 at approximately 8:42 p.m. I heard Sgt. Hydron advise that he was in pursuit of a Silver Jeep Compass bearing Arkansas tag 842XKR and traveling eastbound on the Walmart service road in West Memphis. The vehicle was reported stolen out of Little Rock. I was traveling eastbound on the interstate and observed the Jeep and a black Chrysler 300 driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed on the service road in front of Applebee’s. I took the 278 exit and entered the south service road behind the suspect vehicle, taking over as primary in the pursuit.

After Sgt. Hydron confirmed through radio traffic that the Jeep was the suspect vehicle, with my emergency equipment activated, I attempted to stop the vehicle, but it failed to stop and continued fleeing at excess of 100 mph.

The vehicle reentered Interstate 40 eastbound in front of the Holiday Inn Express and reached speeds of over 100 mph. I attempted to match the suspect’s speed and conduct a Precision Immobilization Technique (“PIT”) maneuver on the vehicle. The suspect swerved at me, attempting to strike my vehicle. As I began to close the distance, the vehicle exited the interstate at the Ingram exit. I continued eastbound on the Interstate and Sgt. Hydron became primary.

I began pacing the vehicle from the Interstate as he drove at a high rate of speed recklessly through the business district of the west service road. I observed the vehicle reenter Interstate 40 and regained primary of the pursuit. Due to the suspect’s high rate of speed, the recklessness of the driver, and the substantial risk of danger to the public I initiated a successful PIT maneuver on Interstate 40 at exit 279B. The PIT disabled the vehicle on at the 4.5 mile marker, where the vehicle came to rest.

Assisting officers and I were able to take the driver, later identified as Bryandon Clark into custody without any further incident.”

[Leave a thing or two out about the PIT maneuver nearly taking out the trooper…]

Clark was charged with felony theft by receiving and felony fleeing. He pleaded guilty to the latter charge and was sentenced as a first-time offender to two years probation and a bit over $1,000 in fines and fees. The moving violations were nolle prossed. The felony theft by receiving charge was ultimately nolle prossed as well, however it appears that Clark was later charged with felony theft in relation to the same incident. His felony theft trial is currently open.

0:00 Intro & start of pursuit
1:36 Suspect vehicle contact
2:30 The PIT
4:12 It sinks in…
6:00 Rear-facing footage
6:26 Bonus pursuit


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30 thoughts on “Arkansas Trooper Cheats Death in 116 MPH PIT Maneuver

  1. Aren’t Arkansas police known for not caring if there pedestrian traffic during a chase? Cause Ik some states you have to terminate if there are other cars😂 Arkansas clearly don’t give af ctfu

  2. Pursuit trainer for Illinois State in the early 1990's. Did pit maneuvers and other tactics at well over 114 mph on a regular basis. (A lot of them at 140 – 160 mph or more.) So what exactly was "unique" about this pursuit, other than the fact that he got close to a light pole? Seemed to me like this officers driving skills were top notch, the way they should be. The video poster here needs to do a few ride-alongs to get a reality check. Over-dramatizing this incident as if it were a rare occurrence. This is what we train for, and go though almost every day. There is nothing special about this. He did his job, stayed safe, and was reeling from the adrenaline come-down. It's really that simple.

  3. Geez man that had my heart racing just watching it, there’s very few situations where I’d feel the need to pit someone over 100 mph, just not worth it to be honest

  4. Any pit maneuver over 55 mph should result in a prison sentence/ attempted manslaughter charge for the cop. This is bullshit and I do not support it. I live in Arkansas and things like this are far too common.

  5. This crown Vic rolled off the assembly line thinking it was destined for a life of leisurely parking lot donut and coffee breaks.

  6. you know the officers butthole was PUCKERED the fuck up flying past that pole hell i’d check his seat and see if he left any dna samples behind

  7. see police do wayyy too much nowadays. riskin their life and many other peoples lives tryin to catch somebody prolly running over a warrant.

  8. once again officer not using turn signals but would yank anyone else for no using g turn signals. lol soft ass pigs I tell ya they ain't shit without they badge

  9. Is it me or does it seem like when people comply the police get fuckin crazier and more aggressive and seems like they will shoot you even for complying? They are out of control dude

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