WHY Was A Paraplegic Man Dragged From His Car? The Root Of The Problem

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community briefing and body cam video

Does leaving a known drug house give police RAS

Leaving a Known Drug House – as a Single Factor – is Not a Legal Basis to Expand Search: State v. Schmidt

A Paraplegic man was dragged from his car by Dayton Ohio Police. The real reason for the stop was that the man allegedly left a known drug house, and had a criminal history. The excuse used to initiate the stop was tinted windows. The root of this problem is the war on drugs. We can keep addressing the symptoms of real issue, or we can address the real issue, which would completely stop interactions like this from ever even happening. End the drug war. End the war on liberty.

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31 thoughts on “WHY Was A Paraplegic Man Dragged From His Car? The Root Of The Problem

  1. Well in the cop's defense, they didn't tase him to death with 3 or 4 tasers and then shoot his lifeless body! I mean it sounds like they are improving at least! Isn't that something to celebrate? We just need to add "Don't bully and terrorize helpless disabled people" now to our demands.

  2. Disgusting absolutely horrible totally unnecessary so inappropriate made my blood boil! Shame on you disgraceful thug tyrant! Sure not making your family proud! Ugh!

  3. James your knowledge of the law is amazing you are quite brilliant! Keep up the needed superb work! It is much appreciated! Hope the wifey & Kidos are all doing well!

  4. Based upon these facts, and that fact that no charge was filed against the man, it makes sense to go back to the beginning why did they stop this car.
    And the narrator gives use their reason for the stop. But if you listen and think about it and put their reasoning to reality every grubhub, pizza guy, and Uber driver would be subject to being stopped and removed, and have dog go through their car because they stopped at the house.
    In this case they found money in a bag. But the cops failed to get anything to legally search the vehicle
    So one the money was hit on by the dog which is court speak is hearsay as the dog can't testify, but the money is not illegal in itself.
    The cops stated the money was tainted with drugs.
    That is probably a true statement as that all the world money in issue can be found to have a trace of drugs.
    The other interesting information from this video is that they ran this mans plate and pulled him because sometime in his past he'd been in trouble. So given that theory of logic it's OK to pull over anybody with a past history and run the dog without any other reason then that.

  5. The Gov'ts "War on Drugs" and the Hysteria surrounding it was and is a ploy to get the funds to Militarize The Police of this country. Why do Local Police need tactical gear and all manner of military weaponry? When "Day One" comes they will be mobilized to stack up, and kick in the door of you, and everyone you know – but it will be ok – it will be all for your Own Safety, and they'll even have Free Wi-Fi, and Bottled Water at the FEMA Camp. Sorry, back to my point about funding – A DOG TOLD THE COPPERS THAT WAS DRUG MONEY, SO THEY SHOULD SIEZE IT!

  6. You are one of the godfathers of auditing out here James Friedman keep up the great work my brother remember always be safe be careful cuz we already know how the cops are tyrants pigs… God bless my friend hoorah.

  7. Yes isn't a big deal when a black officer drags him out by has hair if it were a white guy who done it that would of been a whole different matter right fk BLM

  8. Every CITY & STATE in this country has been INCORPORATED!!

    So, boys/girls cops are NOT there to protect ANY "citizen"!!!!! They exist to protect the CORPORATION & generate " revenue" for the CORPORATION!!! They know this. Hence their abuse toward the citizens.

  9. Let me guess after they have investigated themselves, they will find that their officer's did nothing wrong!!!
    That they didn't dehumanise the disabled person & drag him down the road with utter contempt!!!
    How dare he refuse to step out of the car!!! When won't a drug k9 not alert to money its been proven that currency will have been contaminated by drugs at some point in time!!!!

  10. If law enforcement agencies used the same man power to enforce against robberies that they currently do to "fight the drug war" then our streets, stores, and places of business would be much safer!

  11. I don’t see how the criminal record could not be a part of RAS, it usually includes multiple factors. Known drug house would be equal to high crime area which is a articulable factor for RAS. No one factor on its own constitutes RAS but the host is talking as if one factor is all you need for RAS.

  12. Yea honestly I usually watch videos claiming bad cops, but IMO it's usually not the case. THESE COPS THOUGH!!!! These cops are the reason why the good cops get killed. If any misfortune comes to these cops, it is well justified, and probably not going to be severe enough.

  13. Bruh. How some beat cops gonna be "on patrol", yet observing an alleged drug house? 🤔 WTF? He must have been close to Kettering or Beaver Creek. (Forrest Gump voice:) "They don't like black folks around there."

  14. "Officers offered to assist…." Just WHERE were they going to assist him to?? They didn't have a chair for him, neither did they offer to GET his chair. They just wanted him out of that car 🚗. What was the initial reason for the traffic stop?? We are NEVER given that info.
    The dog alerted to the money!?! It's a well known FACT, "ALL" money has been in close contact with drugs!!
    We ran your history, and even though the law STATES that that is NOT RAS to search you, we're going ro do it anyway! I'm going to hurt you and then I'll call a supervisor, because I don't need him to tell me how to do my job.

  15. This is insane. Qualified immunity needs to be abolished. Law breakers are law breakers whether they're wearing a costume and badge or not. Matter of fact it's much worse.

  16. It’s always good when the officer statement does not match the video evidence.
    But police officers lying is still not a crime.
    My late wife was a paraplegic and if something like this was to happen to her believe me they will not see the end of it.

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