Cops, Gun Control, and Common Sense

Mike The Cop and Eric Tansey discuss their views and experiences with gun laws and the gun control debate, and also hit some other hot topics like San Francisco paying people to not shoot each other! You can’t make this stuff up

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30 thoughts on “Cops, Gun Control, and Common Sense

  1. I think Eric has been spending too much time around Casey Anthony he is dead wrong about abortions not being common in the US. There are around 600,000 to 1,500,000 abortions every year in the US and about 25% of women have had an abortion before they turn age 45. If you don't consider a fetus a parasite and consider it human life then abortion has killed more people than any sickness or war in human history.

  2. I wish they would have had someone on for this topic who has a bit more knowledge on the subject.

    I think Mike had some good points and like what he had to say, but think Tansey kind of missed the mark and went way off topic, never really giving much inclination as to what he thinks "reasonablist" gun control would be other than a gun shop being able to refuse service (which is already a thing and I think almost any shop would refuse to sell a gun to someone who they suspect is under the infulence of any substence or appears to be in a mentally unfit state), and the anecdote about STD talks when he was in school, how he was afraid to kiss a girl in the 8th grade because of them, and how schools should impliment something similar to that for guns(?) (Kind of saying schools, aka government institutions should be fearmongering an entire generation to be afraid of an inanimate object that is their right to own, rather than teach them that guns are just machines that only do what the person controlling them tells them to do. Kind of seems unreasonablist to me)

    I'm sure Tansey doesn't think children should be taught that in schools, but the way he presented it made it seem that way (saying they should show kids the results of drive by shootings, which when paired with his comment about his experience in school really makes it seem like fearmongering rather than reasonable teaching)

  3. This conversation about guns was devoid of facts. Please do it again… Lawful gun owners commit crimes at a rate lower than police officers and stop crime at a rate nearly 6 times of police officers…

    I love this show but if you're going to discuss hot topics, bring facts, bring data… Not your opinions, that's what Democrats do…. Legislate on opinion!

  4. The stipulation in the 13th amendment makes us all slaves to your loving cops. The constitution, things like rights, freedoms don't apply to slaves. Cops are the most corrupt and sadistic people on the planet, they feed from the suffering of those they take issue with. Cops are the criminals and terrorists and we are their slaves. There's only one way out of this slavery but if I posted what that one way is I would be arrested for terrorism, yeah, against the real terrorists. Your loving cops.

  5. The idea of the united states is a great idea but currently the execution is going from bad to worse in my opinion. Hopefully people realize that so it can go better if they try and get everyone else around them to try. The populous needs to change not the leaders because the leaders never will unless the populous makes them.

  6. Wow! We have usaa and they have been amazing to me after my car accident.. I am shocked to hear that they screwed you! Thank you Scro's roofing company for your awesome customer service and care for the community!

  7. Hopefully Tansey can absorb some of Mike's common sense because my goodness he sounds brainwashed/paranoid. He is linking gang bangers to licensed gun owners? Licensed gun owners who carry to protect themselves from the gang bangers? I agree that it's not a bad idea to have NICS, and that a permitting setup akin to Utah's is fine just to help separate the people who are willing to pay the 54 dollars and then 5 dollars every 5 years from the gang banger. But besides that you are free to collect what you want, and train the way you want. You want armor, night vision, etc? Get some, train medical and train to be a responsible citizen who can protect loved ones and your community.

    Also Tansey, the NRA isn't even respected by the gun community.

  8. I agree with you Mike. When I would pull a ccw over and they would advise me they were carrying, I would ask them what model they were carrying and thank them for exercising their rights. I don’t ever remember pulling them out and separating them for their firearm. Take away the major liberal cities and the gun homicide rates drop significantly. Btw the mental health system is a joke in this country. Great podcast!

  9. The problem with Eric's side of the gun control discussion is that he's not clear about what portion of what he's saying is something that the government mandates, and what portion is what he thinks gun shop owners ought to do as a company policy. I don't think anyone on the 2A side has an issue with gun store owners making personal decisions not to sell certain kinds of weapons or not selling weapons to people based on their behavior (although I'd imagine Eric would agree that the same owner could not choose not to sell to someone based on their membership in a protected class like race), but would have a lot of issues with the government creating a law that adds liability to gun store owners when someone uses one a gun they sold in the commission of a crime and requires them to give out a survey to avoid liability.

  10. Listening while killing my limits of doves in west Tennessee my family has been hunting this same field for 200 years. I’ve been around guns all my life and nothing was harmed unless it was on the dinner table later

  11. Nice stream, but I’d love to know where Eric is getting his numbers. The FBI UCR shows 10,258 homicides in 2019, I don’t think that 2020 numbers are out yet but should be soon.

    I’m most definitely not in favor of any kind of universal background check law, the only way to enforce it is with registration. All Guns sold through an FFL do go through a background check already. I would be in favor of a non-FFL instant check that doesn’t involve putting any information about the gun being sold into the system would be great. Make a call, check to be sure that you’re not selling person to person to a felon, get a YAY or NAY and that’s it.

    Sadly we’re lacking addressing mental health issues.

  12. I'm so sorry about your bad experiences with that insurance company you mentioned at the beginning. I work for that company as a vehicle damage appraiser and do everything I can within the scope of my job to take care of our members. I take a lot of pride in it and it always hurts my soul to hear about bad experiences. You guys are amazing! Keep it up!

  13. Definitely on Mike’s side. If someone tells me about their legally carried firearm I don’t ask for it or separate them from it because they are not the armed person I am concerned about. Sometimes people, particularly folks of color are really nervous about being legally armed and interacting with law enforcement. Thats because of misinformation but I always go out of my way to make them feel at ease and demonstrate how at ease I am with them. I often encourage people to own and carry firearms. One of my favorite lectures is when I see someone has a concealed carry license, but they don’t have a gun. Then I lecture them about how you never know when something bad is going to happen and should always carry. I have seen quite a few self defense cases, good, sane, moral citizens with guns are a great thing and I want to do everything I can to encourage them.

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