Why The Police Went Into Chelsea Manning’s Home

Recently, the police were called to the home of Chelsea Manning to conduct a well-being check because of a tweet she posted. Chelsea’s home has a camera system but apparently she decided to give the footage to a “news” outlet with a less than stellar level of approach to the matter when it comes to bias.

I’ll explain a little about well-being checks in general and why the police aren’t the issue in this case.

Video in question: https://www.facebook.com/ajplusenglish/videos/1215257775282394/

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Author: rafael.nieves


42 thoughts on “Why The Police Went Into Chelsea Manning’s Home

  1. Why are police even involved? Is suicide a crime?

    They say they "have to respond", when they do, sometimes they end up killing who they were allegedly there to "help", don't believe me? There's plenty of video's on utube showing just that. If the government insists the police be involved, then they need to find a better way to "help".

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  4. Its Interesting Chelsea E. Manning hints about her continuous suicide threats? Anyone else would be banned off twitter!
    I tweeted that, “If Trump gets reelected that the lemmings in SF would be jumping off cliffs.”
    I got suspended for advocating suicide. Manning creates drama and everyone jumps to her sympathy corner.

    If you look at all the fools that listen to Manning’s drama tweets you will realize this is like a kid that jumps up and down and holds breath until she turn purple to get people sucked into her web of bull shit.

    I agree with Milton Friedman said: “I’m in favor of legalizing drugs. According to my values system, if people want to kill themselves, they have every right to do so. Most of the harm that comes from drugs is because they are illegal.
    Milton Friedman

    I some one wants to off themselves they may have a good reason.

  5. I have ADD and it is not a disability it is a disorder. These are 2 different things. A disability is something that makes your everyday life harder. A disorder, however, is not. ADD is a disorder that makes it hard to focus and there is prescription medications to help with this and it does work when used appropriately. Please do not make ADD seem worse than it actually is.

  6. How can it run for Senate with a felony??? It got a commuted sentence in military prison which only means a lesser sentence, but the conviction remains….I wouldn't vote for it, either… and that "reporter" does what he does cuz he can't get a real job…..

  7. The views of THE REPORTER: 18 Police SWAT Special Forces Unit blasted down the door and threw no less than 22 stun grenades before firing over 3000 rounds of High phosphorus impact rounds before they themselves knocked and or introduced themselves as police officers.

  8. I’m a year late to the party, but I have to comment — years ago, I was working in the ER when a mental health team brought in a “patient” who had committed suicide. The team is 2 cops, a psych nurse and a paramedic.

    As they came through the door, the small female cop in the lead, the LARGE man was brandishing a machete. He ended up using it on himself to slice his throat, but it could have gone another way. Suicidal people are mentally ill and in crisis…they are unpredictable by definition. Creepily, he waited for the team to get there to do it in front of them. They had visited him several times, and knew him quite well.

    The cops and the paramedics were doused in arterial spray, and had to go through blood-exposure protocols.

    We tried to save him, but he’d cut all the major vessels, and almost severed his own head.

    The nurses used waterproof tape to keep his head on so his sister could visit his body.

    That reporter is a jerk. That mental health team were all in danger. All of them and all of the ER staff and his sister were traumatized by his actions. Of course cops come in with their guns drawn! That’s not the only machete story I have!!! Let alone disturbed people with guns.

  9. I was once happy to call myself left wing, but the left has gone insane.
    Not only insane but so dishonest.
    There is such dishonesty at every level on every topic it is unbelievable.

  10. hey mike, quick question? Why do handcuffs feel like failure? Why does my sister's lipstick taste like a Kool menthol, and trailer parks? Why does heroin feel like a party in my pants, and a poor decision all at once? And why, please why, does ANYONE EVER pay attention to liberal-shill media? Cops ain't the enemy. Poor decisions are. Cops ain't the enemy. A nation that fails it's weakest, over and over??.. Well, that's different.

  11. wow if this idiot doesn't understand the person doesn't care anything about their own life much less the police who are coming there. I can't think of a more dangerous person than someone who doesn't care if they live or die… This reporter must be one of the biggest morons on the planet.

  12. Bradly Manning is a guy. He can change his name, putt on a dress but that does not change the fact if you piss standing up you are a male. You are born either an XX or XY. He should still be in prison. He would have done the world a favor had he taken that last step.

  13. That blows my mind people say their worried, and want to help, and make sure she doesn't do anything. But yet in the same breath say everyone should just leave them alone, like how does that make any sense to you?

  14. If "mental disability" includes those individuals have a half-rotted brain from their unfortunate addiction to Meth or Crack, I believe it to be a responsibility to all Americans to bring that individual to justice. If you can get this person peacefully to a psychiatric home, awesome. But if this individual is holding anything that resembles a weapon, and they're shouting at the top of their lungs, they're lunging at pedestrians walking by, or causing destruction to private and public property–anyone that decides to put that individual down (be it a cop or an armed civilian) you have absolutely every right to from my perspective.
    When I moved from a small town to a big city, it became apparent very quickly that it's not really gang violence to be weary of, so much as it is a meth addict with a weapon and no fix. They will literally not stop and do whatever is necessary or that they want to get that next fix. There's no way to reason with a meth head or a crack head. A meth addict starting to show signs of withdrawal in a dark alley way alone at night is terrifying.

  15. I', no authority, but I believe some departments let officers do a wellness check (specifically, a report of a suicide attempt) with weapons drawn because of the "suicide by cop" phenomenon. If the…victim? Assailant? suspect? I don't know what the right legal term is for a person threatening suicide, but if they have a weapon (or one is suspected), the may turn it on the police to force the police to defend themselves because the person threatening suicide can't pull the trigger on themselves. The immediate answer is of course, they aren't looking to hurt the police, they want to hurt themselves or for the police to hurt/kill them, so why do the police have their guns drawn? It used to be that way. Then the persons trying to suicide by cop started actually shooting at the police, so now the cops have to consider it a credible threat any time a gun IS involved, and depending on the dept. may be allowed to do so even if there being a gun inside the residence is an unknown.

  16. Fun thing, in Denmark we acturly have that "psychiatry patroll" that Mike talks off, except it ain't only with psychiatrists, but also crisis psychologists, and even nurses with specialty in mental health issues. And it works, like a charm! i myself have had to call the line (both for myself and for a friend) and i must say, i'm hugely impressed by them!

  17. They got an obligation to protect life and property but yet cops went to a senior citizens house on a welfare check at 11 at night when the call was made around I don't know 10 in the morning and then they shot by homeowner because he was trying to defend this house from strangers with guns. Please Mike don't come back at me with the Dagon if you look at the percentages of how many people died as compared to how many people we say that's a crock of s*** have a good day

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