Why Cops Can’t Always Count on Tasers

When tasers failed officers in Denton, TX these officers were able to make the appropriate transition. While many people don’t understand why Tasers aren’t a be all and end all answers and even others think this is the MAXIMUM allowable force officers should be permitted to use in the course of their jobs, this is a great reason why this isn’t sensible.

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Author: rafael.nieves


43 thoughts on “Why Cops Can’t Always Count on Tasers

  1. Was the don't move really necessary after shooting him the in the face… I mean was any talking to him necessary after that lol, the only thing I could say was maybe he could have just shot two in the chest or gut and maybe disabled him without killing but I'm not knocking him for what he did or anything just saying

  2. Hello Mike, Love your content! In my job a Nightclub as Head of Security (bouncer) at a large nightclub. I've seen officers use there Tasers several times. I've also seen a few times that they weren't effective. One time I remember, the officer deployed the taser. Hit the guy squarely in the chest, and the guy just pulled them right out. He started approaching the officer to attack him and my team and I jumped in to subdue the person. This officer was about 5'7" 160 lbs, the bad guy that was pushing 300 and well over 6 foot. I have often thought that the taser; while a great tool, has made police departments put less effort in learning grappling techniques in their training. In this situation, had we not been there, the officer might have been only left with the use of deadly force.

  3. WOW , double tapping !! That’s SF shooting! I just don’t understand why there are so many shootings over in the US. I live in the EU , Belgium and that just doesn’t happen that much. It is quitte a news when it does but that’s close to none. I just can’t wrap my head around it. There is crime and there was even terrorisme but still. Respect to all the good cops out there and you acted great with that kid and his knife.

  4. Would it be possible to make a pistol which is a smoothbore .45 beanbag only? I'm just thinking there should be something with more firepower and multiple shots available to officers that is still designed to be less than lethal.

  5. Sorry the comments on the below feed were turned off. B R G you are a jackass, that was a clear justified shooting. The taser failed that officer had seconds till he was harmed, this officer gave plenty of warnings, the subject was beligurant and ment these people harm. He made a call and a person lost his life that is tragic yes, but taking the chance of closing with the subject in a melee while he has a lethal weapon would have been irresponsible and ill advised. Everyone is not Chuck Norris, that could have gone the other way easily. I can not say what i would have done and neither should you, we were not there. I am just glad this officer made it home to his family that day.

  6. My only problem is after he shot him in the head he tells him "DON'T MOVE, DO NOT MOVE"… it doesn't matter if you killed him, he's gonna be out cold. Seriously, answer me this, who gets shot in the head and stays awake with the capacity to be a threat? said individual would be either disoriented beyond words or blacking out. But other than that? Yeah, the officer had the right to shoot at that point, the taser didn't work and he was still being aggressive. I wont fault the officer for taking the shot.

  7. I've offen wondered why tasers are used as much as they are. The failure rate is too high especially in the winter. When every second counts I don't think I would rely on something with a trigger that you cant pull more then once

  8. Couple questions about tasers actually. Firstly: how long does it take to ready them for use again after discharging them? I imagine there's some time involved in winding back in the wires etc. Is it at all practical to use the taser again after a miss or does it take way too long to ready it again? Secondly: What's the battery life in them like? Do you have to carry spare batteries with you like you would spare magazines for your firearm?

  9. This is so dumb if you can shoot a man in the face then you can easily shoot him in the leg torso area right? But police dont wanna do that. They just wanna kill. not to mention that if the other officer there had her taser out and ready once that guy was on the ground. if he went to get back up she could have easily zapped him again. Bottom line is these officers signed up to put themselves in danger to protect the public. but they wont take any risks at all they would rather shoot and kill someone then allow even the chance of themselves being in danger. if that is how there going to do things they shouldnt have been given the badge in the first place. The public deserves cops that are willing to put themselves on the line to make sure they dont wind up killing anyone.

  10. These are good videos Mike. They definitely help society understand what police do by taking real life examples and breaking them down. As well as adding even more knowledge through the use of your own experiences.

  11. i may be wrong about this or the rules may have changed but in Australia police officers aren't allowed to be holding their gun and taser at the same time for the reflex reason Mike mentioned in the video.

  12. Is it necessary as a police officer to announce that they will have to use deadly force? I personally think the cop in that video was completely justified and of course the justice system felt the same. But are police officers often held to a higher accountability than the public when it comes to defending themselves?

  13. Had an issue with my taser in November… Tweaker tried to rush me with my taser drawn and I shot it at him. Luckily the popping sound was enough to make him step back but the Damn wires came out all tangled up and only shot about a foot! I complained to Taser about it and got some replacement cartridges…

  14. What I've really noticed is that I haven't seen a cop in many years ever carry one of the most historically useful tools in their arsenal: a baton. Better to break an arm knocking the knife out of somebody's hand with blunt force before resorting to a Taser or sidearm IMO.

  15. Mike, i would just like to say I admire all police officiers, and 1st responders in general. There are a few in my family and i can verify that they try to avoid lethal use of force, no one wants to have to live with that. But on the flip side at the end of shift they do want to return home to their families. The general public needs to understand the responsibility officiers have is not for everyone, you are trying to keep the innocent safe, while taking down the threat, and being able to return home yourself. So i just wanted to tell you and all officers i support you and Thank You for all you do.

  16. B R G is just a troll. he's only here to run his mouth. All tools fail sometime or another. Tasers are not fool proof. Mike, i also watch Doughnut operator as well. and he says pretty much the same thing with videos that show proof what he's saying is true.

  17. Tourniquets are a great idea to have on hand, you could be on a road that is seldom traveled and injure yourself changing a flat tire. You don't have to be involved in a shooting to need a tourniquet, they take up very little space, it could also be used for a sling and even though the average person will never use it if you need one nothing else will do.

  18. Hey Mike, how come police don't carry batons anymore? Not trying to criticize how that scenario went down, but it seems as though a good baton could have prevented the officer from using his sidearm.

  19. Hey Mike can you go into why shooting investigations take so long even if it seems very clear cut and no wrongdoing? Does the threat of a pending investigation and media backlash play a role in how cops handle a deadly force situation?

  20. I understand your argument, why the gun is drawn and fired in the first video (the only one I've seen so far; I have to get to work)
    But do you guys not have ANY medical training at all?
    ….like first aid?
    If someone is shot in the chest, you need to do everything not to let the person bleed out!
    You can still put him in handcuffs, but put pressure on that wound, to atleast TRY to save the life??!

    I'm from Sweden, and I know for a fact that cops here definatly have that first aid+ education.
    They go on the police acadamy for FOUR years for that reason, amongst others.

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