49 thoughts on “Back Up For David Boren

  1. They now you i think they are making a type harasment again you that reaction in them is not normal when they saw you good job my friend keep reporting when they do the things ronge ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. James freeman please you need to come to Allentown Pennsylvania with a crew . The whole system is rigged they allllll damn near related or close friends so you can imagine how they act . If you ever decide to come up this way please hit me up I

  3. I bet most of these auditors were wanna be cops who couldn't make the force so they do this instead. Or they were bullied at one point and now this is their way of felling better. Just a thought

  4. I appreciate what you guys do, it's very important work but I cringe when you scream at the cops. First, it gives them an excuse to charge you with disorderly conduct. Second, I suspect screaming and swearing did not curtail their actions. In fact it's likely to encourage them. And lastly, even tho cops often do not act professionally ( often act on ego ), I wish you would. Now, I say that knowing this is a passionate endeavor for you making it difficult to be stoic but it will go a long way towards your credibility. Just say'n..

  5. James Freeman – the SGT should have MADE his subordinate bring his ass back and identify, thats what a COMMANDER would have done, but instead he wants to protect and shield the officer from doing their duties or being held accountable by taking care of things in the background… so SGT you want to "improve" things make your subordinates come back and identify and humble the fuck out of them until they learn who they serve, the PEOPLE…

  6. 3:25 More than likely, that guy is an EX – COP. Probably retired from either Rowlett PD or Rockwell SO.
    4:42 Golly, it sure sounded to me like the SGT said, "Wilkerson," but later clearly said, "Williamson."
    Would be great if this Sgt actually would train his subordinates that it is perfectly okay (even necessary) to shine a light on anyone that approaches their traffic stop at night, but once they see that the person is merely quietly recording the action, there is no need to call for extra backup to deal with the photographer. And it is most certainly anti-policy and unlawful to continue to shine lights at the photographers. (But I don't think for a second that that will happen.)
    Last, but not least, you really should put "Rowlett PD and/or Rockwall County SO" in your title, so that SGT can find it.

  7. Officer said, "If we did good … ", rest assured that is not the situation.
    The cop was trying to create a narrative that you won't post a video of officers doing a good job. Maybe try being a good cop and test that theory.

  8. It was those cops who saved your ass from being beaten up by people in that Mercedes. If you think you have mega balls, try harassing those real criminals on the street and see how that would work out for you guys.

  9. The cop needs to watch auditing videos to figure out what he's doing right and wrong to improve himself? Good grief, if he's that simple minded then he shouldn't be a cop.
    Did you also notice that the cop tried to perpetuate the false narrative that auditors don't post videos of cops doing the right thing… just about every auditor that I've ever watched has posted videos of cops honoring their oath, and it's a lie to pretend that they don't.

  10. Dear Sergeant, what was good….the fact you gave your name and the other cops. What was bad…..the fact that cops became aggressive in the first place. Y'all should know what is up when you see the cameras. You should know it is illegal to shine a light at a camera person or intentionally block their view, that not giving a name and badge # is usually against policy and bad communications with the public. A ton of folks respect and listen to people with cameras more than mainstream media.

  11. I actually watched David's video first then realized James also had a view and my opinion is still the same blue line prevails with them. I kind of get what the Sargeant is saying but at the same time he is also on a fishing expedition imo. All in all good job James and David.

  12. Sgt Williamson seems to be straight but too intelligent for a cop. Wants to improve himself? His future in department is now in jeopardy. Love the passion you guys bring.

  13. Supervisor,, "How am I suppose to make my self better" Ummmm learn, know and implement your policy, and stop treating everyone like criminals. And when you catch your officers breaking policy, punish them

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