1. You are aware of some of the threats to health that exist today, I wanted to share one more that directly affects you. Reduce your exposure to wireless radiation. The disease processes of which are faster and more prevalent than smoking.

    It is understandable when you are in an extreme circumstance, but apart from that, you should avoid it like the plague.

    There are 1,800 studies available here: http://www.bioinitiative.org and hundreds more since then.

  2. The godfather himself? See now this is what's wrong we like this that think this is some kind of game and get in the way of law enforcement doing their job. I'm guess their "godfather" wouldn't be on the run or in trouble if he wasn't putting himself there in the first place. They say that they are looking out for our rights and making sure authorities are bein held accountable. I doubt these people would want someone doing the same thing to them but hey I'm just a simple working guy that doesn't know anything I'm sure.

  3. The police and the stupid employees that work at the police station have the same attitude. They think we work and answer to them and not the other way around. It’s really backwards and things need to change.

  4. So they wanna bitch about one of their own, and then break the law by harassing the PD. Smart motherfuckers they are. Lololol so stupid. I’d trace the call, and write a warrant for harassment. What jokes.

  5. Studies have shown that behavior like this is caused by a dietary lead deficiency. A simple cranial lead injection can cure the offender and tends to have a positive effect on the entire group. The test inoculations in Dallas and Baton Rouge we're effective but unfortunately way too random.

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