46 thoughts on “Unknown Pennsylvania state trooper. grabs camera – everyone’s a criminal in a cop’s eyes.

  1. Fields v Philadelphia Third Circuit Court of Appeals 2017 – We have the first amendment right to record police officers in the course of their duties. That trooper needs to be sued. And since this has already been ruled on, it is clearly established law, so qualified immunity is shot. Pennsylvania also doesn't have a stop and ID statue in the criminal code. There is absolutely zero obligation to give your name to a police officer, detained or not. Only a Game Commission Officer can enforce the stop and ID statute in Title 34(Hunting and Fishing code).

  2. He probably did a unlawful stop and he did not want to be recorded. And then he . Violated policy. He is in trouble and he . Knows it. . That's why he didn't want to be identified.. You where in the public more than 30 feet away. He probably gave the guy a warning because he screw up. No paper trail.

  3. The American people are done with supporting Nazi unconstitutional law enforcement.
    The American people are ambushing and executing all law enforcement from Park rangers to Unconstitutional F.B.I.
    No more firing corrupt unconstitutional law enforcement.
    You must hang corrupt anti constitutional pigs with piano wire, set them on fire and use them for target practice.

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