Universal Tries to Reject Retired Cop

Universal Studios, in a tweet, doesn’t seem to deny the claims of this sequence of events where a retired cop was singled out for his t-shirt and had to meet with a security supervisor for an hour to teach him their own policy guidelines.

Source: https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/universal-studios-stops-retired-cop-says-police-shirt-is-not-allowed-in-park-MDhTYFMLYECZgXRCwl5UdA/
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23 thoughts on “Universal Tries to Reject Retired Cop

  1. If a child ran around (by child i mean childish adult young adult) dressed similar to a security guard and someone needed help and encountered this child and the child did something negligable or bad the park could get in trouble. It might not be tolerance it might just be super safety precautions so there arent any weird men pretending to be guards (by men i mean ppl) and for legal liability issues ppl sue over stupid shit all the tine

  2. What part of this is so difficult for you idiots to understand? It is their wardrobe policy. PERIOD. It's about someones perception not what the shirt actually says. Like you, people are so stupid they can't grasp that simple concept. Some other moron stated he' not wearing a tactical belt, gun etc. Neither does park security shit for brains. The shirts are not allowed. It's private property and NOT PERMITTED! Think of it this way dumb ass. I don't allow fucking morons in my house so YOU would not be permitted in my house. GET IT NOW?

  3. People should be more concerned with the horrific working conditions at Universal. They treat team members horribly. Your annual review can be meets and exceeds expectations in your job performance and you'll get a 1 to 3 percent raise for all your hard work. Security is the highest paid role in the park and they start you at $11.00/hr. So 2 percent gets you a 22 cent raise. They think free admission and the trinkets they hand out during the year makes up for it. Do something wrong and they will file a false police report to get you trespassed. They fabricate evidence and frame you for something you didn't do. Stand up for the team members instead of this trivial bullshit.

  4. Are you all really that fucking stupid? Wearing a Hogwarts shirt is the same as a first responder shirt? The answer is simple morons. NO FIRST RESPONDER SHIRTS ARE PERMITTED. What part is so difficult to understand? Because people are so fucking stupid, if there was and incident some idiot would run up to the first person that looks like they can render aid. That is why wearing a shirt that looks like the police is not permitted. People are STUPID! Obviously that's why none of you get it. Further turning it inside out is not permitted because people are ASSHOLES and as soon as they get inside the park they reverse it again. Then it becomes an even bigger issue because then they have to be escorted out of the park. Why? Because you're all FUCKING STUPID and you all thing you're FUCKING ENTITLED! This has nothing to do with disrespect for law enforcement. IDIOTS!!!

  5. It sounds like the security personal took this to the extreme, but I get the policy if its rightly applied. I work large events as private security, and some are large comic or anime conventions. There is always a policy that no one is to wear a costume that makes them look like police or security, and for good reason. I would assume these security staff were very poorly trained, because we would never stop someone based on a shirt like that. That's not the point of such a policy. Of course, many of those I work with are retired pd or corrections officers, so that makes a difference too.

  6. Mike I hate to tell you this you guys are just the barrier in between this corrupt government. They're just using you just like they're using our military family and friends. Be careful man

  7. Look if someone is dumb enough to get confused thinking something saying “retired police officer” on it for a real cop/security guard. Then what won’t they get confused about? Hell like you said If someone wears a shirt with a drink on it they may try and reach and grab it thinking it’s in fact a real drink. Hahahah

  8. That's so dumb lol having a retired cop there is literally like hiring another "security personnel" for free… If I was the security supervisor i woulda also let him in for free due to the hassle by the ignorant staff

  9. I have a story for you. I worked security at a theme park. I was visiting the park as a regular customer now remember I work at this theme park. I wore a generic security t-shirt. I was stopped by fellow security officers and was asked to leave the park that I work at. They told me what if someone needed help and they approached you. My answer was I’d help them.

  10. I can see where they're trying to come from with a policy like that being applied to cops, but I fail to see how they think having a bunch of other professionals who share a guardian mentality would be a negative thing. Mistaking a retired cop for a park cop isn't exactly the worst thing to do for kid who lost their parents, for example. I mean, even if someone grabs an off duty officer who's on vacation for something that they're not equipped to handle, they're far more likely to be calm headed and be able to get the attention of the proper people than the person looking for the police in the first place. Frankly, I feel like there should be a discount for wearing a department shirt, assuming you have i.d. showing you're actually a cop.

  11. Surprised they didn't give him a sign to carry around that says " NOT AN OFFICIAL UNIVERSAL PARK POLICE OFFICER "…. like the one John McClane had to carry in Die Hard 3 .

  12. Personally I find this very disrespectful. They treat their customers like idiots that can't figure anything out for themselves. Anything goes in the name of the lord safety.
    I can see them not wanting the shirt that says security real big on the back. BUT their actual security should say something like Universal Security. And the fact that they wouldn't allow for it to be worn inside out! As if he couldn't have walked in like that from the start…or had the shirt on underneath another shirt. Tardation at its finest.

  13. Tolerance are you crazy? You're being incredibly biased because this is something that would affect you directly, it's not an insane policy, it is to keep lunatics who like to dress like police and security from impersonating a person in power and potentially abducting a child or abusing on site like lego land in the UK a few years ago, if they have a policy they have a policy.

    That being said the park could have definitely dealt with it better, they're Universal, sell him a T shirt.

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