1. York Nebraska is racist, I live there 7 years an got ran out by police because i accused a police officers friend of sexual abuse against a minor. They run that town becareful u might not make it out

  2. Black and white doesnt exist in the word, it's all just shades of gray. This kind of content and activism is just as necessary as support for your local police department. I'm glad you do these and fight for transparency and accountability.

  3. We have a shithead cop in Lincoln,NE you could come make pound sand. He likes to stop cars and openly admit he had no cause. Then tells you exactly how he will lie in court if you don't comply. Just go hang near 27th and O during overnight shift.

  4. You really are blowing stuff out of proportion man. Yes, SOME LEOs are crooked. But PEOPLE call in to emergency services and not always with 911. Infact there are people whom use the regular phone number vs the 911, so if you are clogging up those lines. It means that someone might not get help. If one of you ties up a line because someone had an accident, robbery or kidnapping. Guess what. The Feds more than likely will track you down and put you away for a VERY long time. As well as yah just might end up with some very unpleasant citizens whom WILL file a lawsuit against you and take ALL of your property for repayment. Trust me. you make the wrong people mad. all them and their brothers get involved too. I'd stay out of the midwest man. Good old farm boys this way don't take kindly to twigs like you messing around these parts and the only people you are gonna dial is the cops. Which won't come. I learned my lesson years ago growing up in Corn Country.

  5. Love you James you're a true patriot!!!! but really don't care much for that chick Patti and that butch fat dude Selena!! They're shills STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THOSE NASTY BEGGARDS!!!! Oh and i agree with you!! But stay aeay from them They will get you in trouble and taken away from your family!! Believe me i can see straight through those two!!

  6. U DIDNT make the usual introduction :''''((((
    BRO u need to say its jaaaaaaaaaaames freeman , u need to do the jaaaames freeman thing, otherwise we dont knu its rly u :'(
    please do the jaaaaaaames freeman thing, its like ur signature, keep the uploads coming ure a true patriot, good luck out there

  7. WELL ITS A WEEK LATER what happened Fired? Doubt it DAYS OFF WITH PAY that’s nit discipline RESIGNED we will see him in another TOWN JUST DOWN THE ROAD his residence WILL NEVER CHANGE

  8. Fear in this area is understated by far. I complained about the school misuse of IEP funds. DCF and sheriff come to my house demand entry I refused over 8 times before they threaten to take my kids from the school if I don't allow them entry. I was repairing a pipe in my house that burst they took my kids anyway because I had the water off while working on the repair. The stuff you record is weak compared to what is going on here.

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