Torrance Police Caught Conducting Illegal Search – 4th Amendment Violation

Torrance police officers on routine patrol spotted a man simply walking on the sidewalk at night. The two officers initiated a stop and detained the man even though there were NO reports of crimes, NO reports of a suspicious person and NO evidence of any wrong doing by the subject.
As you can hear in the video, the man repeatedly refused consent to search him or his belongings and multiple times asked if he could leave.
Despite no articulable suspicion of a crime by this man, the police seized and searched him which is a violation of his 4th Amendment rights.
At the end of the video you can hear the officer explain the reason why he stopped and searched the man was because he was “all tatted up and was carrying a backpack”.

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33 thoughts on “Torrance Police Caught Conducting Illegal Search – 4th Amendment Violation

  1. THIS is why groups like American Civil Liberties Union exist, police harassing a man with a backpack because he looks like he might be homeless. Illegal search. if it was a guy in a three piece suit with an expensive suitcase you can be sure the cops wouldn't have done an illegal search in that case. So many cops hate our Constitution.

  2. If we are going to have laws of the land and have those that are to enforce them what is worse someone breaking them or someone that is hired to enforce them break them. I wouldn't care if this guy had a dead body in his bag for me that officer violating his rights and searching his bag is worse.

  3. This is the stuff judges don't see and D.A.s don't discourage. This is one reason people today hate police officers. This is representative of the cynical disregard that the government has towards the people and the disrespect they have for our constitution.

  4. The 4th amendment no longer exists, Since the Supreme court ruled that the police can stop and search you and your property, even if the stop was illegal, to find evidence of a crime. Utah v Strieff . "Officer Fackrell was at most negligent,” Justice Thomas wrote, adding that “there is no evidence that Officer Fackrell’s illegal stop reflected flagrantly unlawful police misconduct.” “This case tells everyone, white and black, guilty and innocent, that an officer can verify your legal status at any time, “It says that your body is subject to invasion while courts excuse the violation of your rights. It implies that you are not a citizen of a democracy but the subject of a carceral state, just waiting to be cataloged.”- Justice Sotomayor

  5. These are the type of actions that create distrust and antipathy towards all police officers, even those who choose to do things the right and honorable way. Once a dirty cop, always a dirty cop..

  6. God I hate cops…just absolutely HATE them! And I've never even been arrested. I see what goes on in this country (like in this video) and it truly makes me loath these pig fuckers with a white hot passion.
    I no longer wonder why a person shoots and kills a cop and I no longer care. In fact, I rejoice when a cop gets killed because I know he/she has probably fucked up someone's life due to their greed, corruption, and thirst for power.
    All that is is karma coming back around to bite them where it hurts the most.

    Pig fuckers get away with murdering innocent unarmed civilians. In some cases they kill innocent children. And they get away with it. So yes, I am extremely happy when a cop gets killed. If you or anyone has a problem with that then come on over to my place and suck my fucking cock. K thanks.

  7. When dealing with the police I only feed them lines: 1. I do not consent to any searches or voluntary tests.  2. I want to leave.  Am I free to go? 3. I don't answer questions.  4. If I'm being detained I want a lawyer and I want to remain silent.

  8. Just a tip:  I don't know if you edited this video or not (after getting a continuous recording), but my point is this:  When recording the police it is better not to have breaks in the video because then the police can accuse you of "editing" out parts of it to make the police look bad.  There is a break in this video at 3:40.

  9. Great footage, Katman, and good job "serving and protecting" the People with your camera by holding these LEOs accountable.  However, in this case, they didn't seem to care at all about the fact that you were there (they searched him anyway) or that the man knew his rights.  Oh sure, they were more polite than they would've been had you not been there, but still they violated his rights.  That is pathetic.  It's like does it even matter anymore (at times like these) if we know our rights anymore?  All I could think of were Nazis having their way with him.

  10. let me shake your hand, while I lean against my cruiser, while your ass is sitting on the f-d up wet ground, and by the way, don't forget to pick-up your belongings that I carelessly tossed on the ground. mesmerizingly pathetic rhetoric? to top it off? this cat has to count his blessings that's all that happened to him. thank god for the late camera coming across the street. this one really pisses me off.

  11. That was a good bust Katman,, I would have asked the cops why they searched him after he stated he did not want to be searched.. I think you guys should do a sting on these cops and have someone dress the part of a homeless person with a backpack and see if we can get them to do it to someone who has the means to file a lawsuit. I would pitch a holly bitch if that was me.. Even a terry stop requires reasonable suspicion supported by probable cause. These cops are dirty and a complaint should be filed.. next time post the names of the cops and the departments phone number.. Great Job..

  12. Now I feel compelled to provide you with excuses for my illegal behavior because, 1) I have to save face because I had no probable cause and came up with a big fat goose egg, and 2) I'm not sure how long that camera has been there.

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