10 thoughts on “Torrance City Clerk Calls Police on Photographers

  1. You come walking out. The police know that you are doing nothing wrong and aren't engaging you. You stop and keep asking, I was just? Is everything ok? Then make more contact with the old bag hope to incite more engagement. This is the problem with some of these ammendment tests.

  2. Gramma behind the counter not getting enough fiber morphs into the squad of police in a group seance about how they can do nothing about what's going on here…the classic memorialized tempest in a teapot…California style..

  3. its amazing to me how ignorant people are on the laws of their state, or in this country, this lady should have been reminded of how many times she is recorded on a daily basis, hell i bet those cops even had body cameras that was recording this interaction including her, but once again cops are allow to do and say anything and the public just excepts it….effin sheep man.

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