“They’re at my office. Oh my god, they’re at my office.” | Serial Police Impersonator Jail Call

“I can’t even imagine if this gets out on the internet or on the news.”
“Listen to me! Listen to me! Listen to me!…. You have to believe me.”
“I don’t care what you do. I don’t care if you ever want to see me again as your son…”
“You better get the family together and get a bunch of money. Mom, this isn’t right.”
“Listen carefully: I need you to reset the cameras… so they’re ready for the weekend.”

Jail calls are a wellspring of Metro State one-liners, but in their longer form they do double-duty as a solid source of information. You have heard Jeremy’s shocked statement of disbelief that the police are in his inner sanctum, but you haven’t heard it in context. What was the rest of that call about?

Presenting the complete “Oh my god, they’re at my office” call. (God as my witness.)


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46 thoughts on ““They’re at my office. Oh my god, they’re at my office.” | Serial Police Impersonator Jail Call

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  2. Ronya he’ll never stop. He wants to be a cop. He wants the citizens to respect him because he thinks no one will listen if he’s just a normal schmuch not just a cop pig

  3. This will never end until he is in prison, he will NEVER admit he is wrong and he will NEVER stop doing this because he believes he is billy badass and that what he is doing is right and just.

  4. Why is the video in Chicago? Oh okay. Wow, I didn't know that piece of shit was in Chicago? He's gonna have so much fun in Cook County jail.
    *I was halfway through the video when I realized he was in Chicago.

  5. I bet he has so much weird shit in his office 🤣 probably has a portfolio of ways to avoid and abuse laws , guns, who knows🤣 this stuff is great can’t wait for the tv show

  6. This man constantly contradicts himself but expects his wife and the police to believe him. What a jerk sweetheart wake up to him, hes constantly lying to you

  7. Will this dumba$$ EVER STOP with this continuous sick behavior and foolishness????
    This is beyond ridiculous.
    This doofus goober needs to put his energies into getting a REAL JOB!
    He just admitted to putting on this charade for ten years!!!
    Imagine what he COULD have done, legally!!!
    What a sick loser. 🙄🙄🙄
    And how can the woman on the phone believe this lame jackhole????
    This dude needs to be locked up, big time.
    Let him PRETEND to be a jail prisoner! 👺

  8. So when is the guy want to stop being a clown trying to play a cop and enjoying all the attention he's getting cuz he's a moron

  9. Man he plays and acts like he is such a victim. So annoying. He acts like the cops are just making stuff up like they don't have anything better to do. I think he has told so many lies he can't remember what he said.

  10. that black chick officer she's really helping out a lot I bet she does the least amount of work this humanly possible fuck that shit

  11. Whats truly disturbing is the amount of Jeremy Dewitte information inside my brain. I can't believe how much of this crap I've exposed myself to.

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