Serial Police Impersonator Calls For Help

On September 30, 2020 Jeremy Charles Dewitte left a voicemail for Casselberry Police Department Chief of Police Larry Krantz. Referencing some nonspecific fixing Krantz had apparently done on Jeremy’s behalf a while back, Dewitte was turning to him for help.

Krantz has been subpoenaed to testify at Jeremy Dewitte’s trial.


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41 thoughts on “Serial Police Impersonator Calls For Help

  1. 06/21/2021: Jeremy sighting and a warning to this idiot! Yes, that guy in the white Lexus on Conway Road a few days back who did everything possible to block you from driving like an ass hole, that was me. I had my 16yo in the car as you pulled up in the totally blacked out Crown Victoria with little punk amber and purple lights on top. I was next to you when you were honking at the car in front of you to move out of your way. The light had just turned green and there was a car turning in front of the other driver so he had no way to maneuver. As you honked like an ass hole the other car was intimidated and moved over to my lane as you punched the gas and swerved in front of the same guy to jump into the opposite turning lane. I did my best to catch you but you were driving too crazy. My son caught it on video but only after you cut off the car (that sucks, wish I had a dash cam!) I'm sure you wouldn't remember the incident because you likely drive like a prick all day-every day.

    So folks … his car is much more subdued now. He has the Crown, black windows, very small LEDs on top and there is a magnetic sign that simply reads "Funeral Escort". Guess OCSO and OPD set you straight and you dumped the cop car look-a-likes.

    You are a complete ass and I hope I catch up to you next time.

  2. “He pulled a weapon on me”!
    Is that supposed to be a reason for throwing 5 chairs, FROM THE 6th FLOOR BALCONY???
    “I was defending myself, seaaaar-gent”!
    What a dumb*ss!

  3. What was he doing in Chicago? 🤔 so is he back working metro state in Florida? I'm so confused. I saw video of him being questioned 3 weeks ago in Florida again

  4. I've commented on a few videos about him.. the REALLY scary thing is .. YEARS ago… what if he had really been hired as a cop??.. think of just what some people may have went through .. maybe even to the worst happening… really scary thought!!.. By the time you watch ALL videos concerning him… he is a total nutcase!!!!!

  5. Lets go, more Jeremy Dewitte!!! The only thing I envy about this guy is the fact that he as actually witnessed an entire lifetime worth of Jeremy Dewitte material.

  6. The guy's obviously not right in the head.

    I guess that's what happens when healthcare isn't free for all, like it is for pretty much the entire rest of the world…

    When there's that many people with undiagnosed (or diagnosed) mental issues that are going untreated, expect a few crazies like this guy to be on the loose.

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