36 thoughts on “Sunday Lowriders in Compton with Punk Ass Sheriffs

  1. Is there no roadworthness test in America. Those cars would fail a roadworthyness test in Europe and then there is the state of those so called cars.

  2. Jerry "moonbeam" Browns children just have a good time with welfare and dope money, esse. In the sanctuary state of mexicommiefornication.

  3. The kid who was harassing the police is the punk and another piece of shit hole trash we need off the streets! There the reason for the crime there and everywhere! I like to see him try it where I live he would be riding in the back of a mortuary van!

  4. If anybody doesnt like the lowridin lifestyle were not related by blood or oxygen, and your car is probably doo doo, dont root for the cops because of that tho

  5. subscribe I did the end results are scarce, in the Ricky Monday maybe something happens, so share that, I like your efforts. oh and check comedian Nate Bargatze hilarious,peace.

  6. Why don't the sheriff dept have a classic retired police cruiser all decked-out and lowered with hydro's? The police should try to re-establish some trust and show interest in community activities.

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