48 thoughts on “Sioux Falls Second Screw Up In A Week

  1. You should get a lawyer and take this cop to court and sue the hell out of him and the department for assault!!! He's a piece of shit just like the rest of the cops!!! WE NEED to stand together and take what ever means is necessary to protect ourselves!!!

  2. He really loses a lot of my respect in how he talks to cops. I realize it makes it easier to provoke ego responses which better "outs" the cops' natures. But crude over the top taunting & verbal cruelty diminishes you, not them.

  3. What a joke. All was pleasant until moron feel uncomfortable and cop takes morons side. This is a disgrace. And the cop in the end: Not gonna happen and walks away. Way to make cops look bad. Grats on beeing thugs.

  4. Just saying, the fat tyrant hiding behind that badge, I moat likely would have defended myself and detained him till his supervisor showed up. That tyrant broke a few laws and his own code

  5. i get it , but its over quit bitching , and you have no self defense so quit acting like you could do something . but keep on filming you are good at it . all the complaining makes your videos sound bad , and takes away from the cops mishandling situations.

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