48 thoughts on “Security Guard Says “no filming” A Parking Lot

  1. I like how respectful. This man is toward security I seen other YouTubers completely been a ass toward the guard basically treated them like. Shit to. Make themself feel better but respect to you man keep up the good work

  2. Sorry but he hasn't been in the country long enough to know the laws, recent immagrants should not be given employment in jobs that have a need for knowing how to legally conduct themselves with the public. Furthermore he cant properly speak English which is the language we use in government in the USA so he should not have that job.

  3. Three bad things here: First of all, as a security guard myself. Who the fuck hires someone who can't speak both languages correctly. Especially when you have them interact with the public. I understand Spanish is a big language in LA but its not the sole language spoken. English is still the majority language. So there should be a bi-lingual speaker.

    Secondly, what the hell is their grooming regulations for PD? I'm not even a cop and I would have my ass written up so fast for having a mustache that long.

    Third, not sure if thats a proper PD hat, but if it is, first time I ever seen a cop wear a new-era hat over a baseball cap. Not that there is anything wrong with that, its just weird to see.

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