1. So you decided to waste the police officers time just to call and ask some stupid ass question??? Damn is today’s world going to shit. If you have to fuck with the people who protect and serve for your ass. Point made.

  2. You forgot to ask if they had body cams that they would shut off (upon request) in the event an older adult female was uncomfortable being recorded, (say, on a traffic stop or interview) since it is very important to these officers to enforce anti-rude policies. And would they also accommodate same female adult if she didn't like being recorded in their lobby by them? It's so ridiculous and hypocritical- these cops just want to have some sort of authority over anyone, any way they can…How dare they scold this guy for operating within his rights. He wasn't out being a thug or a menace, he was minding his business peacefully. I'd be thrilled if my kid's hobby was photography!

  3. Officers Dim & Dimmer: The free press photographer standing in the public lobby is now a witness with video proof of an attempt to receive special treatment after a possible citation. Witnesses are called many things but RUDE in light of what's occurring within the public lobby and the attempt to halt the video capture by officers Dim & Dimmer is outrageous.

  4. Jagloons will still call the police rather then take responsibility for their shit.
    Sending the rats to gaurd your cheese, asking psuedo Authority to protect you. If rights are cheese, your grilled dont look to appetizing.
    Its great to see people doing these audits but FUCK YOUR CONSTITUTION, CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, BILL OF RIGHTS, POLICE, GOVT, rights do not come from words written on paper folks. The declaration of Independence was all thats required. The mentality of state is an illusion of a thousand superstitions all of which are idiotic at best and Fascism at worst.

  5. You should be the phone guy for the auditors, thanks for standing up to them even as a smaller force of informed activists against there Mafia size, we need more people like you and pissed off taxpayer to stand up to them, too many citizens put their tail between their legs to them

  6. I saw the number block(*67) used to make this call…. Does this block actually work when calling police, sheriffs, or other emergency services,,,,, Anybody know for sure???

  7. LOL….Chief juvenile……
    They are getting it…slowly BUT no cuffs applied…
    Their power slips away little by little, dollar by dollar, lawsuit by lawsuit….
    Check out the vids of those brother arrest up north on Christmas day!!! My god that is ONE UGLY COP…And MEAN!!!
    Check them out when your tween calls.

  8. Another good question is why are they taking such "private" statements in a public forum in the first place. Sounds like reckless handling of information if a citizen actually is concerned for confidentiality. Why the hell are the tax dollars paying for those big buildings and all those rooms if citizens are forced to make confidential statements in the public lobby.

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