Retaliation and Attempted arrest for questioning and making public records request.

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This is Mcdonnough vs Fernandez Rundel

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42 thoughts on “Retaliation and Attempted arrest for questioning and making public records request.

  1. Anyone who has followed this man's battle with the City and one cop in particular, knows this is a very, very corrupt City and Police department. I feel sorry for everyone who lives in that corrupt City and lawless Police department…shameful..

  2. Our government is like going to the store to buy a 12 oz steak. It's 96$/lb. 87% fat. At check out, 67% sales tax. Get tackled by security for not showing your receipt for one item in hand. Only to see a parking ticket on your car with cops trying to give you a trespass warning for resisting arrest and breach of peace. Cops broke your window and put a boot on your tire asking why you are there.

  3. Public records request should come at no cost because they belong to the public any viewer or thought else wise is just a scheme by whatever city-state county district municipality to generate more funds for something that's already there

  4. 5:05 "… we don't get paid."
    So you're saying those ITS personnel's kids wouldn't get to eat the next week if you didn't get paid this exorbitant fee? Don't they already get paid to do their duties? And isn't this one of their regular duties? Are you telling me these employees get paid overtime for doing this? I just don't understand why I'm being charged for work that employees are already being paid to do out of the regular budget. This is part of their jobs, isn't it?
    If the street in front of my house develops a pothole, and the City sends a repair crew, do I have to pay the road crew's wages? No. That would be silly. They already get paid out of the road department operating budget. How is this any different? You all get paid a handsome wage to do your jobs. Part of your job is filling public records requests. You're already paid out of your department's budget for doing that, as well as other tasks you do.
    Do you charge everyone who pays their water bill and extra $1.27 for the time spent processing your bill? If course not. How, then do you get to charge for time spent recovering records? It makes no sense.

  5. She seemed like a really nice lady stuck between a rock and a hard place. I believe she did her best to be Accommodating to his request but just wasn't able to at the time. Life happens. I think she handled herself very respectfully and professionally.

  6. The city should look and see why citizens are winning lawsuits when lousy public employees dont do their jobs…she should never but in a position where she knows the law and refuse to do it causing the city moneys and nothing to correct it sad

  7. Am I the only one person having a problem grasping why they get to be paid twice. The public pays them and a person requesting records pays them. I wonder how much money they make of this scam. So stupid paying for something that already belongs to you.

  8. Talk about being robbed by the government!!! How can they issue an invoice and require you pay BEFORE they even begin the work?! Since a large part of the work is billed by the hour, how can they know how long it will take? Bottom line, this is a tactic to scare away most people because they will not want to pay those hefty fees. Those that do will have to wait months to be given one piece of paper and be told that that one paper is all there is. No transparency allowed! Another thing to think about. Your taxes are paying for her and her staff to be there 40 hours per week. Their job is to maintain the records and to provide copies of them to whoever needs, or wants, a copy. So, unless you need to pay to reimburse for materials, like using a copy machine, there is NO extra costs incurred because THEY GET PAID EVEN WHEN NOBODY ASKS FOR ANYTHING!

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