46 thoughts on “Re-up Part 2 We have the right to refuse access to anyone – Salt Lake City Police

  1. And if it was a boy who was a minor? ….
    Highly doubt any cop would attempt to feign honor. ….Also – screw that cop he knows first thing they do is grab firearms, first fucking thing. SLC is a dump man.

  2. Sometimes I wish James would pose his statements to cops as questions to get their input to obvious questions as opposed to just making statements. But what do I know?! He’s the pro for sure and I’m only supporting by watching him do work. Keep it up, James.

  3. FYI. If jaywalking does not impead traffic. No infraction of said Jay walking. All bees must know ,bee well versed in law to survive the hive. No lie. Eagle Scout honor. I took my oath as a minor. I honor it daily at 50 years of age.

  4. 15 min in handcuffs pays out said nurse handsomely. Of course settled out of court. Press release issues for people inquiring on public records. Round n round daymare. Great building though. Huge Hive

  5. I had to physically intervene and shove and pull 2 SLC Nazi pigs off by boys on California Ave. All it took for thier assault was the word fool being said. How ever my pushing and shoving while threatening them with law suits and calling news channels

  6. Don't expect any admission of responsibility from cops or their mates. The slime slithering around in uniform is scary. This display of crappy attitude from the lowlifes all peeing in the pot is enough to make a guy throw up.

  7. I happen to be lds, And knowing what reverence the lds have for the Constitution, this is both surprising and unsurprising. It is surprising in the sense that the church that many of these officers go to has a great reverence for the United States constitution. The unsurprising part is that the most arrogant assholes I have ever met in the LDS Church have been in Utah and Idaho.

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