31 thoughts on “re-up Part 1 We have the right to refuse access to anyone – Salt Lake City Police

  1. For those wondering why all the re-uploads, the old channel was shut down, so I am gradually re-uploading the videos from that channel to this new channel. They are labeled as "Re-up" so that if you aren't wanting to see repeats you don't get click baited. New videos are labeled as "NEW" until all the old videos are up and I am only uploading new content again. Thanks for watching!

  2. Nurse Wubbles is a handful of bees that honor the oath, the law. Nurses n doctors have more athouthy than a badge. Ironically they never even took a remedial law enforcement class. Back wards here. Don't call for help ask me and the ER STAFF that helped me after a badge beat down. mcglassslipper.801@gmail.com

  3. Looks like a galleria. Such level of style and architecture is reasonable, practical and important I'm sure. The people behind it are sensible and smart people after all and why they've gotten their positions.

  4. Officer Carden is the prototypical cop. Wants to talk all friendly and act like he’s a good cop. Moments later he wants to talk about causing a disturbance and his ego can’t help but take a picture back.

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