22 thoughts on “Phone call to Stafford Texas Police Department in response to News Now Houston video

  1. LOL I can't believe she didn't know you were being sarcastic about if they were hiring.

    I have made phone calls like this where I wanted to be anonymous and I was told the same thing, to leave my name and phone number. My thought was do they not know the definition of anonymous, it is frustrating trying to talk to people like that.

  2. Well don't let this distract you from the fact that hector is going to be running three hondas civics with spoon engines and on top of that he just went into Harrys and he ordered three t66 turbos with nos. And a motec system exhaust.

  3. to be a cop you cannot have an IQ over …I believe it's over 110 (which is the top of average…as average is 90-110)…so that means that most auditors are disqualified right there!

  4. Boy the stupidity on display here…. So he calls, refuses to leave his info and the lady trolls him and says he can leave an anonymous comment and SHE'S the dumb one?? He asks if they are hiring as if this isn't a legitimate question and she is privy to the insider stupidity on this channel to know that she's the victim of one of the lamest troll attempts to ever be recorded. At least the trolling of the ridiculous domain for city orgs is funny but still has nothing to do with her intelligence. Truth be told I think she trolled him.

    If any intelligent people happen to stumble across this video (may the deity of your choice help you if you do) just realize this is how in the hell we ended up with Trump and consider the next logical measures to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    Talk about a waste of tax dollars, bandwidth and storage. Google should just delete this from their servers and reclaim the space to serve up Free Willy for free to all homeless people.

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