26 thoughts on “Phone call to Garland police to understand how speeding laws are enforced

  1. I will do a video in conjunction with Justin Pulliam about the principles trying to be portrayed in this strange conversation in a couple weeks. I sincerely appreciate the comments saying things like, "so you think there shouldn't be laws," or "you think you should be able to run around doing whatever you want with no consequences?" I want to address these perfectly rational questions about what the point trying to be made here is, and I really do appreciate these critical comments. I feel that these questions and concerns could be much better addressed in a video of their own, rather than a paragraph response. Like most of you, I don't want to live in a society of chaos and disorder. We will likely have a discussion live, and pull some of the key points out to put into a short digestible video. Thanks to everyone for watching and commenting.

  2. I agree with you. Breaking these kind of laws should never become criminal. Go ahead and try collect the money through a collection agency. I can say fuck you and not pay and maybe risk my credit score, but at least I'm not risking getting murdered. We need better legislators. Legislators who actually believe in the Constitution.

  3. Im very familiar with Garland, they killed my 20-something anglo nephew because they could. Garland PD deserves its own copwatch channel 24×7 as they kill regularly with impunity. Thank you for what you do

  4. As fascinating as this experiment is. What's the viable alternative? Ine that not only protects you but children. Old people znd the temporarily unwell? Not only from.law enforcement but from.the rich. Powerful and persuasive. Libertarianism seems to be about survival of the fittest. But as companies become bigger than some countries at least economically. The little man becomes almost powerless by comparison.

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