29 thoughts on “Open Records Investigation – Arrest / Booking Logs – LAPD and Gardena PD

  1. Why not save everyone some time and simply tell the fool that BY LAW he is to produce them for you when asked and they are to be available on site to the public again, according to law. Obviously their ego's will prevent them from admitting you're right but at least the viewers can quickly see how inept they are in the first minute.

  2. Seargent six stripes don't give a fu*k about no law. I would pull out the phone and show him look Pasadena took 4 minutes to comply with the law. Another older idiot in charge. He did say we don't give that out if we don't know you, so if you were Tom Brokaw it would have been fine. Because you wouldn't give your name he made up his lie. Aren't police arrest records public information? Where Ilive they used to be in the daily newspaper.

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