Officer Wassmer Round 2 – The Littlest Cowboy [Lavon Texas]

Officer Wassmer Round 1 – The predator

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  1. I was leaving a bar, on the way home and was stopped by a trooper. I had a few drinks, but not drunk. He asked me to get out & come to the bck of my vehicle. As i walked over, he grabbed the back of my neck & pushed me down to look at my plate. He TOLD me the light was out. I said "No its not, I'm looking right at it?" I thought to myself "Omg, AM I drunk!?" But i reached out TOUCHED the light and it was hot, my fingers blocked the light as I touched it. It was definitely on. He kept saying "You see a light girl? You're drunk, I can tell. You can't even tell the light is out." I kept looking at it and a weird feeling came rushing over me. I was a young woman in her 20s, in a dark parking lot with a troopers hand on my neck. I instantly said "My bf is waiting on me. I was talking to him when you pulled me over." His whole attitude changed, he seemed mad, told me I had to take a sobriety test because I'm acting "a bit confused." Endless moves and "watch my hands again" as BOTH hands are doing 2 seperate things being held out apart from each other as far as he could. Mind you NO light. He parked seriously, maybe 100ft away, car completely off and we were behind my car. No lights. But I did pass. It was Only THEN did he asked for my license & registration. He ticketed me for my name spelling, told me it was spelled incorrectly and gave me a ticket for the light bulb anyways. He sent me on my way, only after I would tell him the address I was going too. He actually followed me. I ended driving to a friends house right down the street. I pulled into the driveway, ran frm my car to the door. I pounded on the door, when the door opened, I ran in and locked the door behind me. We watched frm the window, as the trooper pulled into the driveway, looked into my windows for about 10 mins and then left. I can honestly say, that was the moment I truly became scared of police. Ever since then, I have never … ever trusted them. He was not "rude" perhaps… but that is a blatant misuse of his power. And putting his hands on me… no fucking way. Everything I see on tv with the police force takes me back to that moment. That was almost 20 yrs ago. Thank God for ppl like you Sir! 🙏 Please don't stop.

  2. When the auto makers invent new items to add to cars and trucks (innovation) such as tag lights, then the law makers see this as revenue. They pass a law you must light up your tag, as the auto makers had already done it as part of accessories to the car. Your lights sometimes burn out and this is no reason to have to pay a town or county money for, they should just pull you over and make you aware the light has burned out. But today there is no reason for a light. The material they use on signs for reflection in a process they now use on license plates and shine bright just like the other highway signs. No need for the light anymore. The smallest beam, even from a street light will illuminate it. Now they just use it as probably cause for profit.

  3. James I don't disagree with you too often but Spencer is not a good cop. She stood by and allowed wassmer to search that lady without her consent. A good cop would have stopped him and or informed the lady that she could stop the search. In essence, a good cop can't be a cop for long. They end up dead, fired or in jail.

  4. Exactly the same thing happened to me. Pulled over for license plate light. 2 more cop cars show up. They check registration, check for warrents. Cop tells me I need to get it fixed and I can go. I ask him to show me the light. He says wait till they leave. They leave. I check. Light works.

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