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  1. In the 90s the entire Lavon police department was raided by the FBI. Lavon officers were using a large pot hole located directly around a blind curve to stop vehicles when the driver was surprised by the hole and swerved to avoid it. The Lavon cops would do a stop, plant drugs, and seize RVs, boats, cars….etc. Jeff Gardiner one of Lavons "finest" busted my lady friend and me for bogus possession of pot. While awaiting trial Gardiner was going to my lady friends house trying to get her to have sex with him. My friend and I won before a jury….a miracle back then. Later Gardiner was one out of a number of Lavon cops that were tried and convicted for planting and using drugs. He spent 10 years in Federal prison. Not long after Gardiner was released he was charged and convicted for impersonating a cop.

  2. you do understand that by not having a legal car on the road puts all of us in danger. If the car is not registered, not insured, and or the driver is untrained,suspended,ect…. then if trailer park malibu barbie backs over you while attempting to escape, you'll be stuck w your own medical bills.

  3. Criminals in uniform with badges and guns. James treats them accordingly. There is nothing more important for citizens when confronted by cops, to know and exercise their rights, because more often then not, the cops will be busy violating them. Like the truth, your rights are all you have. Without them you're a slave.

  4. My thoughts on police conduct.
    (and others in authority)

    Law Enforcement Oath of Honor

    On my honor, I will never betray my badge,my integrity, my character or the public trust.
    I will always have the courage to hold
    myself and others accountable for our actions.
    I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve. (May vary)

    Let's hold them to it..

    1: Police should be licensed nationally whether they are employed by local, county or state or federal. the license criteria must include basic rights and conduct knowledge with race and disability training and possibly testing with a minimum IQ.
    All officers should be re-certified in basic rights and conduct knowledge with race and disability training every 2 years.

    2: Police should be REQUIRED to carry $5,000,000 conduct liability insurance with a minimum personal deductible of $5000 (premium paid by the individual officer). if any award is higher than the $5,000,000 then the city/county or state is liable for the balance thereby stopping some of the burden of the taxpayers.

    3. When a officer, for whatever reason, is placed on paid administrative leave the pay should be placed in an escrow type of fund until such time they are cleared and they can access it OR used as partial deductible towards victim reparations.

    4: When police are found to go above a threshold of abuse or conduct 3 times or their conduct results in arrest of the officer 1 time or the conduct insurance is exhausted the federal license should be revoked permanently. Furthermore, if an authoritative figure quits or resigns immediately after an incident or during an investigation his/her license shall be revoked permanently. If the abuse is a crime, charges should be preferred.

    5: All police conduct complaints should be investigated and reviewed externally by an independent organization (Not a private org nor funded for by each districts government) .

    6: All officers should be required to carry body cams that record internally and broadcast to a secure place without an on/off switch which can simply be done by the camera automatically turn on when removed from a charger or similarly by leaving the cruiser and should not be at the discretion of the officer. The recordings further should only be able to be seen and not erased unless done by an independent organization outside the jurisdiction and only:

    A: After a completed court trial.

    B: And only after all appeals are completed or appeal times have passed.

    C: And only when the trial judge signs an order to erase.

    The officer should be fined if the lens is covered or the audio muffled by covering the microphone.

    7: Any officer should submit to retraining of the offending incident payable by his/her own liability insurance with some percentage (10%?) paid by way of his liability insurance deductible.

    8: If an officer or officers report purposely or knowingly cause someone prison or jail time on false information should serve at least the amount of time that the innocent victim did or fine he/she paid over and above the officers sentence.

    9: Any officer or agent who condones or allows to continue or hides knowledge of any officers conduct should be held to the same standard as the offending person over and above any sentence for his/her crime

    10: The concept of qualified Immunity should be abolished or limited in scope as a means of escape of any and all officers from personal civil prosecution

    Written and developed by myself starting in 2017

  5. "Exempt" plate means they don't have to pay registration fees. It's silly, they'd be paying themselves. The city pays the city for registration.

    Also, police can search a car if they are going to tow it and they don't need consent.

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