Officer shot in chest (vest) caught on camera Police serving warrant

The Daytona Beach Police along with Holly Hill Police department was serving a warrant for attempted murder. The suspect was accused of shooting a woman in the back. Upon executing the warrant off of a tip the suspect was found inside of the home. The suspect hid in a back room and was armed with a firearm. when the lead officer opened the door the suspect shot the officer in the chest. It is believed to be a 38 that the suspect had from what was heard on the scene yesterday. I am sure it hurts.

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36 thoughts on “Officer shot in chest (vest) caught on camera Police serving warrant

  1. This is some of the worst “policing” I’ve ever seen. That cop was asking to get shot then he blindly fires into a room. There could have been kids in there. He could have hit the girl, who knows what’s on the other side of the wall. Fucking horrible police work. That body cam guy should lose his job and freedom. Fucking moron.

  2. There's a lot of dick-head cops out there that bully and abuse their power. But there's also a lot of decent ones that are willing to charge into a situation like that. The only thing I know about this cop is that he's pretty bad ass. He took a shot to the chest and was still able to keep it together and finished the guy off. Not many people could do that.

  3. They are telling the suspect to open the door and show hands
    ….as they keep shooting ????? How many times do they have to ask for a abulance before they send for one….. This is some dirty ass pig shit right here !!!!!!! Bad cop no donuts.

  4. This was warrented and necessary…i usually dont like thr police officers shooting at people but the suspect shot 1st, which was a stupid thing to do…i am glad that the officer shot is ok…luckily he was shot in the vest…

  5. Cop runs in with an assault rifle thinking he the big balls and then screams like a little girl when shot in his bullet proof vest. Awww so fucking pathetic, with all his fellow gang members.

  6. Dammit we need better bullet technology able to cut thru vest and body like butter, i bout sick of cops getting not killed because of a punk ass vest, just die how hard is that PIGS?…… Fuk

  7. Well for me on THIS ONE I don't blame the cop I would have shot till the threat was GONE! Especially after getting shot first. Remember suspect open fire first. I can't believe you people thinking he was in the wrong. You would have done the same thing. So said cop should just take a bullet to the chest and try not to violate his rights while this punk tried to kill him. Stupid idiots

  8. de-escalating procedures are working well, once upon a time they would wait until they ran out of food and come out peacefully, not no more, easier to bust in and just blast away disregarding anyone who may be held hostage.

  9. We watch the tape Quite a few times the 1st thing I realized is you don't go with charging through a door after somebody with a gun 2nd my dad always told me when he gave me my gun you don't ever aim it or pull the trigger unless you know what you're gonna hit , how many shots did that officer Shoot and at what serval times he shot several times with unanswered shots, 3rd after the officer shot the man he said fuck Him regarding medical treatment 4th when they go outside you don't even see an ambulance waiting for the officer that was been shot so Where and who called for an ambulance …to me I'm glad the officers OK I'm glad a bag guy is off the street but I think we need to look at this much closer because retraining is a must to me as a citizen, seeing it for the 1st time this was a bad Shooting

  10. The moment officer was shot in the chest he should have been pulled out. I mean, look at how he just started unloading through the door after. Suspect wasn't even shooting at that point.

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