Off Duty Cop Fatally Shooting Man During Argument Over Parking Space Vallejo, California

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Vallejo Police Department
November 19, 2019
Shooting Investigation – 500 Block Fairgrounds Drive
On Sunday, November 10,2019 at approximately 5:25 PM, Vallejo Police Officers
responded to a report of a shooting in the 500 block of Fairgrounds Drive, in the
City of Vallejo.
Investigators from the Solano County District Attorney’s Office and the Vallejo
Police Department are conducting a joint Solano County Officer-Involved Fatal
Incident Protocol investigation. The Solano County Coroner’s Office has identified
the deceased subject as Eric “Cheddaman” Reason, 38-year-old Vallejo resident.
The preliminary investigation revealed Reason was driving away from the gas
pumps located in the shopping complex, when off-duty Richmond Police
Department Sergeant, Virgil Thomas, driving his personal vehicle, pulled into the
parking lot of the shopping complex. The two vehicles momentarily stopped
while facing one another and Sgt. Thomas honked his car horn to audibly warn
the other driver of his immediate presence.
Sgt. Thomas then pulled his personal vehicle into one of the parking stalls and
exited his vehicle. Reason then stopped his vehicle, perpendicular to the officer’s
vehicle, rolled down the window, and began yelling at Sgt. Thomas.
Reason then exited his vehicle and walked within inches of Sgt. Thomas while
directing profanities at him. Reason then walked back to his vehicle, opened the
hood, and retrieved a rag containing a handgun. Reason armed himself with a
handgun and approached Sgt. Thomas a second time. Sgt. Thomas
subsequently drew his weapon and fired at Reason in response to an observed
Reason fled with the gun in his hand and at some point raised the gun. Sgt.
Thomas believed that Reason still posed an immediate threat to the safety of
Sgt. Thomas, his wife, who was a passenger in the vehicle, and other patrons of
the shopping complex. Sgt. Thomas subsequently fired his weapon at Reason.
Reason was pronounced deceased at the scene.
The investigation will continue and the findings will be determined by the District

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36 thoughts on “Off Duty Cop Fatally Shooting Man During Argument Over Parking Space Vallejo, California

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    ✅UPDATE: Richmond officer Virgil Thomas who killed Eric Reason dies of COVID-19

    Richmond Police Officer Sgt. Virgil Thomas, the off-duty officer who shot and killed 38-year-old Eric Reason in November, died Wednesday night of COVID-19.

    Thomas was 52.

    The Richmond Police Department released a statement Thursday, describing, Thomas, a 24-year-veteran with the RPD, as “a youth mentor and dedicated public servant.”

    “He was dedicated to public service – as President of the Guardians of Justice (a community charitable organization to ensure the fair treatment of African American officers), he led various neighborhood events and giveaways to enrich the lives of those in the Richmond community,” the statement said.

    Thomas also once held the position of Richmond Police Officers Association President.

    On Nov. 10 at around 5:30 p.m., Thomas and Reason got into a confrontation in the J.J’s Fish & Chicken in parking lot in Vallejo. The argument escalated into gunshots and Reason died.

    The City of Vallejo rejected a legal claim filed by the Reason family, who retained civil rights attorney John Burris following the shooting. The claim, filed through Burrs’ firm, questioned why Thomas wasn’t sequestered immediately following the shooting.

    Though Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan said Thursday night that he couldn’t comment on any related lawsuits, he said he knew Thomas well “and I always found him to be an upstanding individual. He had a lot of credibility and, above that, was just a nice guy.”

  2. In most jurisdictions, when a deadly threat runs away that far that fast, they are no longer considered a threat and the use of deadly force is no longer considered necessary to defend yourself. If a citizen kept shooting like that when a suspect was running away and no longer considered a threat, they would be charged with murder.

  3. What a joke. He had his back to the officer the whole time and was even running away. This was unjustified. The dead guy showed a gun (which was crazy dumb ofc), but never went to aim it at the officer. Officers aren’t allowed to shoot at people running away like this!

  4. dont really agree with this. cop shoots straight into mini van (kids) with multiple cars and people as a back stop. then cop is taking long shots into houses and traffic as back stops while they guy is running away. i dont think was justified. legally maybe, but not morally. i think ego was driving this cops actions at the point the small man pulled his gun on him. how racist would this have been if the cop was white? jks)

  5. I'm against guns, violence and death penalty, but if a lunatic gets a gun, which shouldn't under proper background and mental health check, then all restrictions should be lifted, fuk the bullies. The Officer was justified

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