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  1. Wow I think that was def a veiled threat. Do cops or auditors ever dox each other? I know cops will use an suditors 1st name (basically saying you've been doxed within the dept) It seems like cops should be afraid of being doxed. Esp with the CA transparency website.

  2. Cops do not work for the public they work for Satans asshole "Government n Big Corporations".all for revenue and to fill up the jails n prisons again for revenue. Big money". In doing so they are allowed to rape take and murder anyone they choose. There's no such thing as a good cop

  3. Please pass these words along to every citizen in every part of our great country! Get the word out that we can make a difference! "United We Stand & Divided We Fall" we the people are the "UNITED STATES Of AMERICA", and need to get all American's to remember that fact. One Citizen can't force change, but all Citizens can affect change for what is right! This fight we fight may not be a short one. As a great man/leader once said:
    [ "Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, Citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom." -John F. Kennedy- ]
    He was a man before his time that will be remember for ever!

    "NO Justice… NO Peace…" — Until "Cops/Police & Prosecutors" Qualified-Immunities, Are Abolished… There Can Be "NO PEACE" From The People Towards The Cops/Police & The Judicial System. Remember in the United States of America your innocent until proven guilty, but reality is that your only as innocent as you can afford to be! If you don't have a lot of resources {Money, Pro-bono-Lawyers, or ACLU…} than it's next to impossible for a citizen to win in court, because government has unlimited resources. They legalize Cops/Police lying, and Judicial system control what evidence can be submitted by the Citizens. Like The Old Saying –"YOU CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL"–. But, today things have changed for the Citizens. Cameras are now regarded as an unbiased witness for the Citizens that can't lie in the court Judicial system. Cameras are saving Citizens lots of money with their legal defense. Before cameras it was the Citizen's word against the so called creditable witnesses "Cops/Police". From now on with cameras, it has been proven who are the lairs now!
    Stand up for your & all our rights, video record Cops/Police, Government leaders, judges, law makers, & defend all Constitutional-Rights we the Citizens are/were given. People put away your guns, and get cameras use them as you would guns to force reform. Remember Cops/Police, Government Officials are very afraid of Cameras that can't lie, but only show the truth. And, we all know cameras can't hurt anyone unless they are doing wrong! "NO Justice… = NO Peace…!" Until real change has been done within the People,s Government, and The current Judicial System that depresses true justice along with our US-Constitutional-Rights!

    People please pass on my words to everyone everywhere in our great country. Get a united movement going! This is the only way to make change. Our leaders have, and will not make the changes we need, because of their selfish & corrupt ways. It is what keeps them in office! If our leaders will not do the changes needed, we must show our disdain, contempt, and our need to make changes to our system of government. We need everyone to do this as was done by people of color. When they sat in front, and were told not to sit in the front of the bus, but they refused to move! They were arrested by the same government that was to protect them, and their US-Constitutional rights! Just like they are doing to all of us now everyday. They call it [Disorderly Conduct] when Citizens want their rights under the US-Constitution, and we speak it out loud. They are trying to shut us up from speaking of government illegal injustices as they detain & deny our rights as Citizens. It has been clearly proven with undisputed factual evidence with legal court judgements/convictions. That it is being done to the point of killing us if we will not be silence. We need to just unite the People together under our US-Constitution, and using our rights to make change. Uniting as one "For The People By The People" and demand our rights! We don't need to use force at this point by our guns to make changes. It will only undermine our movement hurting us by using the same corrupt Judicial System against us, so do not prove their lies to be correct. We need everyone to help, and do there country proud by defend our way of life, and the US-Constitution giving us all a right to our way of life.

    Please read, it will change your life, and the life of others. I'm 60 years old now, but I did, and due still fight COPS Abuse/Corruption. When I as 18 we (my friends & I) Fought-&-Won to have the courts to be audio tape recorded. We won many cases and appeals just because of those audio tapes. Now it took 40 years to get camera video evidence readily excepted [but, not always yet] as unbiased witnesses/evidence, that can not lie! Young & old people now have the tools for everyone to be able to fight back for justices & punishing of those that would try to take our rights, and freedom from us now. We need all the people especially our young people to get involved. It does not mean confronting police, nor anyone else! Just open your eyes, video record, & take pictures anonymously. Give the camera evidence to those that are being wronged/abused/having their rights taken away. You don't have to step forward as witnesses, but you need to collect that information, and pass it on. People you can give it to a Priest/Rabbi/Reverend…, or any lawyer with out giving your information, You can even drop a video with a statement anonymously of what it is about and put it in a postal drop box, just as if you found a wallet, or someones keys. You could USPS mail, or email video to someone else in your the community that can send it to the person that's rights (legal, or human rights) are being abused. It's just that simple. No one will know it was you unless you want them too. Put yourself into a victims shoes, wouldn't you want someone to help you at least anonymously in the worst time of your life! Think about it, we all need you now more than ever at this time, PLEASE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Thank you for your service, because I know you will do what's right! all Americans in time of great strife do their duty to protect our rights given to us by the US-Constitution, it's what our country is based upon, Liberty And Justice For All!

  4. โŽ. The first cop.
    Never should have been certified to
    armed – force.
    has proven – liability termination.
    His temperment
    not suited, adjusted
    he can't wait to exert
    oppressive physical authority.
    Do as I command.

    I hold policy, training schools,
    dept. heads, supervisors, unions,
    city counsels, mayors accountable.

    Street cop does what he's told
    or what can get away with.
    Who over sees the over seeer?
    For your ๐ŸŽฅ, all we can see ๐Ÿ‘€.
    Tu j50

  5. โŽ. Highjacking audio air
    sound waves?
    Esp. authority!
    I would consider that
    to be intentional willfull
    obstruction of justice,
    denile of services.
    Can't really focus, take care of business with blairing music.
    just cuz I walk some where videoing
    impromtue, spontanious,
    thier "unsolicited" noise,
    they have the right to claim?
    Thier noise is an intusion.
    Did they ask permission
    for thier noise
    to be in video
    Maybe challange
    thier claim to interfer
    with ones recording?

    I can see an intension scripted video getting " permission", but for them
    to claim in my video
    some kind of ownership?

    That's public, public air waves,
    like can't trespass what I see.
    What about, what's herd?

    If they cops have nothing to "hide"
    why would they go to such lengths to interfer, obstruct my business,
    my video?
    So when they, cops apprehend
    write a ticket, deny services etc….
    they will play happy music?
    "hay, hay were the monkies"
    Talk about a step down in evolution.
    These are corrupt
    gastoppooppoo SS nazi tactiks.
    That's degenerate

    You know when the king executed some one, and he didn't want
    the crowd to hear last words,
    the drummers would drum out.

  6. @47:00— Tell Mr Checkpoint that shining a flashlight in your camera is just like a cop blocking your camera from filming the incident, or public officials in the course of the duties.
    It's a violation of the "Bane Act" in Calif.

  7. I would think the copyright issue should be against the persons or businesses playing and in control of the playing of the music and not someone walking by with no control of the music?

  8. YouTube has responded to the music playing by the police. They have indicated they wonโ€™t flag those type of vids. It doesnโ€™t exactly meet their standard of copyright violations

  9. There once was a man (Elvis) who sang into a can, putting his voice on wax which was stamped onto Bakelite, then later digitized and stored on a magnetic hard drive, which was streamed over the internet by Spotify to my cell phone, with was plugged into a modified 1937 Detrola tube console radio, which was then recorded on a smartphone, and that 8 second recording was uploaded via the internet to Facebook, which immediately squashed it due to copyright infringement.

  10. Iโ€™ve commented so many times on other channels about how cops are hard to fire and how they easily go to other departments. People have said I was wrong. Hereโ€™s proof itโ€™s true. I guess some people (trolls) have to learn the hard way.

  11. I never get these notifications that you are live !! Those in charge of police REALLY donโ€™t see the disconnect between our paid servants ( police) and the paying public ? Fing children we employ

  12. Surely that is unprofessional for the police force. That officer should be reported and the whole things should be given to the national press

  13. Do copyright laws not apply to a government agency?
    By proxy, the agent/government employee is disseminating copyrighted material(s) while in furtherance of his/her duties at the behest and under the policies and guidelines of said agency. Not only is the agent utilizing municipal funds and equipment to broadcast copyrighted material(s), but also said agent is engaging in coercion to deprive the citizen of their first amendment rights to gather matters of public interest for public dissemination. A likely conclusion may be a filing of deprivation of rights via 42 USC 1983 and/or 52.1 (CA Civil Code), the Bane Act.

    Take this a step further: If a police officer is constantly playing copyrighted music while their BWC records audio and video, will the audio be redacted as a result of a copyright infringement? If so, the requisite transparency achieved by an objective audio recording is rendered useless for the defense, prosecution, and/or any investigation stemming from the incident(s) in question.

  14. He went in the building and recorded when it says no phone recordings. Another one of the attention seekers who purposely waste their time messing with officers. Itโ€™s amazing how many people here donโ€™t understand how copyright laws work. You can play music on your phone and do not have to contact to buy the royalties first, just goes to show the average iq here.

  15. I follow him on insta hes cool and always calm and always out there filming the police.Great interview pls do more โ˜˜โ˜˜โ˜˜

  16. Besides the basic unprofessional behavior of Officer Fair and his interaction with a citizen, his tactics could also be construed as a CA Bane Act violation. No different than a flashlight into the camera lens during a night audit.

  17. I donโ€™t think Officer Fair is intelligent enough to use the song lyrics to make a threat, although a lawyer could definitely make that case.

  18. I hope whoever holds THE RIGHTS to SUBLIME'S MUSIC let's the video play on all platforms! NO COPYRIGHT STRIKE. That would be the BEST!

  19. Hi Johnny five o ๐ŸŽฅ๐ŸŽฌ
    I've been to Vegas a few times and how Eric Brandt knew how to escape the security inside of that casino was amazing it must have been more amazing dude because you were there you seen it happen right there on scene. I just remember laughing so hard I never seen Eric move so fast. I don't think he has moved so fast ever since. I could be wrong. Off to go help my neighbor pick up a washer and dryer set take care Johnny ๐ŸŽฅ๐ŸŽฌ
    โš“ Joey

  20. I have always wondered…. they can charge you with a copyright infringement for publicly playing a movie in public like at a public event, why do they never charge anyone playing music in public. both require permission/agreement

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