Name-Dropping Cop Amanda Myers Arrested for Drunk Driving

From Officer Katie Finley’s report:

“On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, at approximately 1901 hours, Patrolman Renken and I responded to the back parking lot of Number One Lounge located at 5555 Ridge Road for report of a motor vehicle accident. Dispatch advised that the caller stated the female driver was not being cooperative and seemed intoxicated.

Upon arrival I spoke with Amanda Myers and asked her what happened. She stated she was backing up out of a parking space when Stanley Mckee was pulling into the parking lot and that he struck her vehicle as she was backing up.

Ptl. Renken was speaking with Stanley and then came over to speak with Amanda. I then went and spoke with Stanley, who stated he had already backed out of the parking lot but came to a complete stop before entering onto Westlake Ave. due to yielding to oncoming traffic. He stated that Amanda backed out of a parking space and when continuing to back up she struck the front end of his vehicle with her rear end. Stanley stated he could hear someone outside yelling at her to stop her vehicle when she was backing up.

Stanley stated that Amanda exited her vehicle and told him she would just give him $50. Stanley mentioned to her that a new headlight would cost more and they could just exchange information and handle it that way.

When Amanda started to become uncooperative and telling him he was the one pulling into the parking lot and struck her vehicle he decided it was a good idea to call police. He stated he could tell she had been drinking Amanda was slurring her speech and had an odor of alcohol coming from her person.”

Amanda Myers was arrested on charges of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, BAC Test Refusal w/ Prior, and Physical Control. Under Ohio law, a ‘Physical Control’ charge is similar to an OVI charge in that it deals with vehicles and intoxication, with one major difference: Physical Control does not require that the vehicle have ever been driven or even started.

Myers pled not guilty to all three charges on February 12th, also filing a petition to be declared indigent and have an attorney appointed to defend her. The court granted Myers’ petition, declaring her indigent and – kind of hilariously – appointing Attorney Joseph O’Malley to represent her. O’Malley is the prosecutor Myers was referring to with her name-dropping, only he is no longer working in that capacity…

You see, O’Malley is best known for his 2013 “indefinite disbarment” after he was charged with nine violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct arising from his improper influencing of a judge and his August 2011 convictions in an Ohio federal court for misprision of a felony (with Dewitte-level excuses) and making a materially false statement in a matter within the jurisdiction of the federal government. Details at

Although most people think of “indefinite disbarment” as, you know, indefinite… reality shows otherwise. A 2007 paper titled “Should Permanent Disbarment be Permanent?” published in The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics provides a good overview of the impermanence of permanent disbarment.

Its author found that “Five states mandate that all disbarments be treated as permanent. Eight states allow for disbarments to be permanent in some situations. In these states, when disbarment is not permanent, readmittance can either be applied for in seven years, five years, or at any time, depending on the jurisdiction. . . . The remaining 35 states and DC have no procedure for permanent disbarment.”

O’Malley’s 2013 disbarment generated a lot of press, but everyone on the planet seems to have missed the fact that he was reinstated in 2016. You heard it here first.

On 3/19/20 Myers case went to trial. Myers was found not guilty on the charges of OVI and ‘BAC refusal w/ prior,’ but was found guilty of reasonable control. It is not clear at this time what, if any, penalties she was subject to other than a $315 fee or fine. Clarifying records have been requested from the court and we inquired with Kelleys Island Police about whether this arrest impacted her job.


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Author: rafael.nieves


49 thoughts on “Name-Dropping Cop Amanda Myers Arrested for Drunk Driving

  1. On Friday morning we received records indicating that on December 7, 2012 Amanda Myers was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart. The report states that an Asset Protection Associate observed Myers select Crest Whitestrips, conceal them under a baby car seat, and exit the store without paying. Myers was 22 years old and unemployed at the time. The Whitestrips were valued at $43.97.

    On Thursday morning I contacted Kelleys Island Chief of Police Shawn Craig inquiring about the status of Amanda Myers' employment. He has yet to respond.

    The records from Myers' shoplifting arrest are available now on Patreon, as are the records relating to her OVI arrest. A few pages with annotations are included in the post's image gallery. The post also presents messages we exchanged with Parma Police Department as part of our (unfortunately common) tug-of-war over access to records, many of which are still outstanding in relation to Ms. Myers' arrest. We will get them all.

    *Although I don't condone shoplifting from any store, if someone is going to steal, Walmart is a stupid target. You don't become the largest retailer in the world by having bad asset protection.

  2. Field sobriety test are a trap if you have been drinking. Thats the point of them. You guys dont like it? Leave the country or write your gov to change the rules in your state. But why would we want to take away from the police? Why would we take these test away? Then it will be a criminals driving and drinking taking over the roads like this lady! All it takes is one wrong turn and she could of turned your grandma in passenger seat into chum.

  3. There are going to be more and more cops like this. I don't mean females with big boobs. I mean people with poor character who have no business being cops. Police departments are going to have to take what they can get when so few people anymore want to apply.

  4. if there's anyone a cop should arrest (when appropriate) it's another damn cop. because you are a cop you are exempt from DUI? How can someone arrest people for things they do themselves? Either do it the right way or don't do it, you just make it harder for cops that do the job with honor and respect.

  5. I got pulled over in oregon and I told the officer I don't drink, he didn't believe me cause I refused the field test, then he took me to jail where I blew a 0.00 and then the prick made me walk to the impound lot to get my car.

  6. She's probably considered the "hot cop" and thought she'd get away with it. She's probably used to getting what she wants constantly. Technically she wasn't driving at the time so she'll probably get away with it

  7. “Little do you know, my boyfriend knows the mayor!”
    OH NO… everyone knows that the girlfriend of an acquaintance of the mayor can’t drink and drive… our mistake maham, you can go

  8. How does the law not make it mandatory to obey an order for a sobriety test or breathalyzer? I dont understand. How is this woman even an officer??

    I'll say it again to everyone who drives – get a dashcam. Ideally a front and rear facing one. Dont even think twice. Just get it – and more importantly spend the cash and get a good quality one. Do not go below 1080P rez but the higher the better. Do not get a cheap one!

    As for this woman she needs a lifetime driving ban

  9. See how corrupt PIGS are, she KNEW exactly what the process was and used her knowledge of such to try and beat the wrap, and also treated with kit gloves by the dirty blue liners! Eliminate the blue line and all that use and support it, demand equal treatment for all!!

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