Into the Abyss (Prison Documentary) | 1/4

In the 1. part of Into the Abyss (Prison Documentary) the Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog turns a keen and understanding eye to the fates of two men who destroyed their lives, and those of others, by a senseless triple murder. He gazes into the abyss of the human soul as he lets the two – one of whom will be executed eight days after the interview – sketch their version of the events. “A poignant, lyrical documentary that ranks among the director’s finest and leaves the viewer with plenty to reflect upon and digest,” wrote Screen Daily


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28 thoughts on “Into the Abyss (Prison Documentary) | 1/4

  1. I personally think that this is not correct, to keep a person on death row for so many years, if only circumstantial evidence points to his guilt, then we must deal with his case uninterruptedly in order to either find irrefutable evidence of his guilt in the near future, or if he does not confess to crime and irrefutable evidence will not be found, release him to freedom, and if the suspect's guilt is proven. sentencing him to death and carrying out the sentence immediately, there is no need for him to sit for 10 years, now or more, awaiting the death sentence, it is pointless if his guilt is obvious. transfer him from the courtroom directly to the death row and carry out the sentence on the same day, so that in the death row prison everything is ready for the execution of the sentence and the best way of the death penalty is shooting, because other types of execution, like the electric chair, lethal injection, gas chamber and hanging, these are difficult methods of execution, therefore they must be abolished, everything ingenious is simple, prepare in advance those in need of transplantation of internal organs with the same blood group as that of the person sentenced to death and bring them to the nearest clinic and after executions, after they put a bullet in the head, immediately disassemble it into organs and immediately transplant the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs from it to those in need, arms and legs are also possible, and everything that remains is burned in the crematorium …

  2. 8:30 Dirt bag says "How can they not see my situation is wrong." I'm just stunned that he would even think that let alone voice it. You killed THREE people! For a f'n joy ride in a car ffs! Also, his dad had died 13 days before that interview yet he was talking about that as though he was discussing an every day, ordinary occurrence. What a total POS

  3. Eine sehr Interessante Dokumentation. In manchen Fällen ist die Todesstrafe berechtigt aber in manchen Fällen eher nicht. Trotzdem finde ich kein Mensch egal ob Richter oder sonst wer, hat das Recht einem Menschen das Leben zu nehmen. Im Grunde ist es auch Mord

  4. The answer to the question of why God allows capital punishment. He gives humanity existence, unconditional love, free will and guidance. God doesn't allow capital punishment. We do. If we put our minds, talent and potential to eradicating crime there would be no punishment. If we wanted to we could use the tools at our disposal to prevent all despair. We have the tools and the freedom to do it but instead we focus our efforts on futility, evil and aimless gratification. One day there will be no death row, no murder, no crime. One day natural disasters will not take lives, if we suffer an accident we will not be hurt and there will be no untimely death of any sort. But to get to that day we have a long way to go and only we can do it. God won't do it for us but He will give us the guidance to achieve it. It's fairly simple. Think of others. Be the best person you can be. Don't be lazy or look for quick and easy gratification. Don't waste time being judgemental. Be loyal. Don"t lie and live well.

    If we all did this we would achieve paradise on Earth in only a few decades. But the problem is only a handful of us do this. We don't listen to guidance. We blame our shortcomings and the horrors we endure on God instead of on ourselves. We want pity and forgiveness and we recieve it but we still don't recognize the role we are playing in our own misery.

  5. The soul resides where it so desires; in life and death.
    It's about the ability to cause change in conformity with one's will.
    A person has to desire change.
    Being truthful is essential to effect any change.
    It doesn't happen to everyone; at least, not in this lifetime.

  6. God allows man to rule the earth and decide for themselves. That would be free will. And that free will doesn't mean there is no consequence from every action. I'm sorry for all the lives affected by this situation…

  7. What gets me is for the ones who killed think they shouldn't be killed…I get there's a few small percentage of someone being inastint…but I think being put to death is an easy way out…I think they should live in prison for rest of there lives…now the only ones I think that should be put to death is child rapist or pediafils period…

  8. Maybe all these people that dont believe in capital punishment should be footing the bills directly(not through taxes) to keep these inmates alive in prison. If they are alive then there is always a chance they can get back out. Its happened many times! Especially with older cases.
    I just think there needs to be DNA proof. So many people take plea deals because those sentences are way less then a jury. The US has such a f'd up judicial system. So many innocents forced to take deals so they rot in prison and become dangerous. Cause in prison u HAVE to be dangous or you are dead. Not right at all

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