41 thoughts on “Mt. Rushmore “Free Speech Zone” Should We Use It?

  1. I have bought your shirts and supported you but your "masters" comment just lost me. You really don't know or understand our history and act just as ignorant as the police. Sorry but no more of my money will be spent on your products

  2. I'd argue that that's the best place to conduct you 'just obey' campaign.

    Rights aren't things that are granted, they're things that simply exist and are recognised and given force of law. If there's one place not to exercise such freedom, it's the place where they say you can exercise it.

    Freedom, in the context of strictures, can only be exercised where they insist that such freedom doesn't exist which, by corollary, means that the one place in which you're free not to exercise your freedom is the place where it's granted.

    Freedom cannot exist where there are strictures and conditions.

    Fuck them, and the equine quadruped that propelled them hence.

  3. Hey james i was just at mount Rushmore on sept 7th i don't recall that sign being there I'm wondering if they saw your video and moved it. But now i am curious and searching our photo's to see if we caught it.

  4. James so far im not a fan of yours. What that sign meant was you can assemble in that area and not disrupt the viewing area so people can enjoy the Shrine of Democracy without disruption of protesters. Maybe just stay out of SD.

  5. Oh dear god! The really sad part of that sign is how ironic it is that thousands of people walk past it without giving it a second thought. Hell yes you need to go back everyone needs to see it & maybe but I doubt it will open their eyes. Thanks James for fighting the good fight.

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