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  1. This is why you don't ever accept an "invitation" to do a Field Sobriety Test aka Stupid pet tricks. You are well within your rights in most states to decline this test without losing your license. If you have been drinking, and are behind the wheel, then you are a dumb-ass, and should be arrested for drinking and driving. Guess what, they can still legally test your blood alcohol level on the side of the road, or at the station. My suggestion is that you don't drive and drive. I don't care about your health, I care about who you will kill in your condition. You could win the Darwin awards, just don't take others with you. Good luck in your endeavors. =)

  2. Mike! Question for you sir, I am looking to pursue BLET in my local city police department but I have some weight to lose, somewhere in the ballpark of 40 to 60 pounds is what I would like to drop, is cardio sufficient in your opinion or do you also suggest weight training to help pass BLET?

  3. Mike , serious question: please, do a video on why the military are trained not to fire unless fired upon, but police have latitude to shoot whenever a perception of fear exists in their mind. Many would interpret this as we treat terrorists better than American civilians, but if you could break this down, it would help a lot! Thanks. *YouTube keeps burying these comments because they want LEOS to seem like heartless killers while promoting the military.

  4. Hey Mike, hopefully you see this. I wanted to make this statement. I Use to despise cops, but watching your videos, seeing how you view things. And help people understand what you do for a living i respect a lot, and I hope to god there are plenty of more officers that are just like you in this world. I know there are the good and bad, there’s no doubt. But regardless you’ve changed my mind how I feel about police after a few bad experiences I’ve had with them. Which could have gone better on my end. And I really appreciate you doing this and actually taking you time out of your day to help people all around the world build a better understanding and relationship with officers and civilians.

  5. Hello MIke I saw news coverage this morning of a Florida officer by the name of Zachary Wester who regularly planted drugs during traffic stops. He ended up having more than 120 felony drug charges and at least 10 of those were on innocent people.

    Could you do a video talking about this guy and how commuters can protect themselves from abuses of power like this?

  6. I highly doubt in any way shape or form you'll ever see this but I have to ask, what are your thoughts on the G.A. of MI shutting down Anxiety War and other civilian sting operations, I just want to hear a cop's perspective on this, and seeing you're from the state I figure you're better than anyone else to ask

  7. I wouldn't want to run into a drunk cop (on or off duty) because they're assholes when they're sober, who knows what they think when they get drunk and don't give me that shit that they're all disciplined alcoholics. A little trip down the not so distant Police disciplinary files will make them all look bad.

  8. Lmao πŸ˜‚ the ads were longer than the video (I always watch them in their entirety so Mike gets a little extra somethin) but it was totally worth it.

  9. Stopped a guy in the north end of the county one night about 2100 back in the early 90's. He pulled his little Honda onto the lawn of a residence, no curb but a small incline. Once at the door of the car I told the driver to exit the car. He said he could not get out. I asked him if he had a physical impairment which prevented him from getting out. He said he could not walk because he was too drunk to. He then stated that was why he was driving instead. After the vehicle was finally in park, he released his seat-belt, opened up the door and proceeded to fall/roll out of the car. From the ground he told me, "I told you I couldn't walk." He blew a .25 at the jail. Pleasant drunk but fucked up.

  10. A must read. Scenario. I'm driving down the road and Mike pulls me over pink and green lights flashing I look in my side mirror and I see Mike low crawling up to my car wearing a Michael Myers hockey mask as he slithers up to my window he asked for Id I immediately give him everything in my glove box my console and my trunk then I tell him but sir I am just traveling Mike says well why didn't you just tell me that. The law says you must have a sign on the back of your car saying your a sovereign citizen. Mike says where are you traveling too. I say to rob a store. Mike says ok have a nice day and be safe as he low crawls back to his car I leave. Lol lol. Seriously Mike you are fantastic your vidios are great. I see chief of police in your future. Keep up the great vidios and please be safe out their !!!!!

  11. You need to do the drunk philosophy teacher.
    "How many existentialists does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
    "Sir, how much have had to drink?"
    "No NO NOOO, how can you be so blind?.. Look behind you and you see that your lightbulbs are screwing themselves! That is the crisis of volunteering to enforce rules who the only victim is the poor suffering bureaucrat looking at a piece of paper with a box that has been checked, but not endorsed….(DON DON donnnnn!!!)"

    (the officers step back to look at each other fiercely then… Play rock paper scissors to see who gets this one.)

  12. You forgot to include the girlfriend who inserts herself into what was initially a calm situation. You know, the one who can’t avoid screaming at and scolding the police whilst also incriminating her boyfriend by revealing way too much personal info.

  13. You and your son are great together 😁 thanks for all the work you both put in . I look forward to seeing. Yeah being a dad you get extra credit 😁😁 hey you son be nice to your father he has it pretty tough and a job tooπŸ˜‚πŸ€£. Thanks again for your channel and help

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