33 thoughts on “Mirrored from “Lone Wolf Community Watch” – You’re under arrest for your safety – Peoria Illinois –

  1. When it comes to natural disasters, house or building fires, the press has the right to be there to film (shut up, I say film so deal) as it is on the press to protect themselves from danger. Little newbie, fresh of his Gerber diet, has no clue and will be a good Blue ISIS member in the future.

  2. We had a gas leak on our street…across the street and one left Nobody evacuated the houses…no crime scene tape… one engine with a charged hose and hooked up to the fire hydrant

  3. my buddie said when he was a rookie the locker room talk was ……. if your arresting someone and you want to hurt um and rough um up and tase um.. just shout out stop resisting and shake them about it makes it look like there resisting….. and your in the clear.

  4. So I'm pretty sure police officers aren't legally required to protect you from harm, they just have to make sure people aren't breaking the law and catch the bad guy. But the point is that he wasn't interfering with the investigation. From what I heard the gas leak was away from him, the cops didn't have to stop what they were doing, walk up to the man and tell him to back up. They said his crime was "interfering with public safety" but he was in no shape or form endangering the public by standing where he was.

  5. Did that weenie little sprite of a cop. Spit on the sidewalk? Wow goes to show the midget mentality of that stupid ass…he's a hole. And I agree using a tazers with such a safety hazard oh wow what a couple of f-nuts. And how come they weren't evacuating the surrounding homes? What about all of those people..weren't too worried about protecting them huh?

  6. Was it worth it? Are you going to take these Officers to Court? If you don't, this was for nothing but for you to be put in your place. I sure hope that you don't role over and take this in the rear!

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