Legally detained? Black male jogging vs 5 deputies . Sheriff defends actions but Had Wrong guy!

Statement from Sheriff Mike Chitwood:

Today, The West Volusia Beacon published a story with this headline:

‘I fit a description’: Deltona man detained while jogging

I don’t know about you, but to me, the implication in the tone of this article is that our deputies did something wrong here.

So I want to take a moment to stand up and recognize the great work of every deputy involved in this call. Not only were they respectful to Mr. Griffin – they held his phone for him so he could stay on video on Facebook Live.

There are about 18 minutes of video here if you want to see it.

Witness descriptions are never perfect, and these deputies did an outstanding job given the limited information they had about a call in progress.

AND they arrested the suspect actually responsible for the burglary.

Likewise, Mr. Griffin was calm and cooperative even though he had reason to be frustrated with the inconvenience.

To each and every deputy who was involved in this response, I am extremely proud of your hard work and dedication. This is exactly the kind of effort that has allowed us to cut down the crime rate in Deltona.

To Mr. Griffin, I appreciate your cooperation with these deputies, and I’d like to invite you on a ride-along sometime in the future.

To some of the harsher critics who have been second-guessing and criticizing these deputies on social media, I think you need to put yourselves in these deputies’ shoes. I don’t think just anyone can fill them.

Great job, Deltona deputies. Stay safe and keep up the great work.

Sheriff Chitwood

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50 thoughts on “Legally detained? Black male jogging vs 5 deputies . Sheriff defends actions but Had Wrong guy!

  1. So, the witness is saying “None of the clothes you’re wearing matches the description”… but every cop said “Every part of you and your clothes, perfectly match the description”.

    We are ruled by tyrants.

  2. To be stopped and handcuffed is just maddening. Worse in Canada. If a senior calls the police regarding a breakin or for any reason, they do not investigate and begin to devise this deceitful agenda by labelling them mentally unstable, this police diagnosis of incapability then goes to the health dept to diagnose the same what the police requested, the health dept. then show up at your house almost daily to harass and intimidate hoping to get U into their institutions to fatten their wallets and keep the fraud going. Once u are in their institutions, most likely your home & all property is confiscated. Over the last decade or so I have read about literally hundreds of citizens losing their property from these Globalist thugs who think they are the only ones who should own property. Its their agenda 21 policy. Move into small stack and pack apartment buildings and if U don't, we'll fry you with directed energy weapons to flush U out from the unbearable painful symptoms that you'll suffer. Maybe they are low on their LOOSH. I know. Happening to me right now. House shaking, heart palpitations, chest constricted & hard to breathe from the microwaves being directed at my house. Hardwood floors being ripped from the nailed planks and floors not level anymore. Kitchen Cupboards are a mess. Doors are falling and not aligned with the mate right beside it. Floor tiles are cracking. Basement ceiling tile fell and busted and the list of destruction goes on and on. Just because I wont allow the health dept in my house, they are showing up and banging loudly, looking into my windows and around my house often. Sheer terrorism. I told the police I do not have appoints with the health dept nor do I need a doctor & consent to visits but officers Mcmaster 10601 and Fountain11680 told me I do not have a choice as I am mentally unstable. These thugs diagnosed me in my home within a few mins of listening to calls left on my phone by someone who wanted to include me in his will for the 12 years I worked for him and got not a penny for my work. Then others associated with him asked him to not include me in his will or they would do me in. My house was then broken into, 6 foot fence ripped from the main post, assets stolen, almost run over purposely twice and no investigation. As long as u are a senior U are now considered mentally incapable by the Canadian Gov't. So sad what our world has become. Please pray for me as I am going through a lot with these demons lately who wont leave me alone to live my life in peace. God bless you all. Love Irma.

  3. “You’re not in any trouble or anything…”
    Always the first thing they say before they try and pin a crime on the innocent…

    Additional – welcome to america, the most racially intolerant country to claim racial tolerance!

  4. He’s your buddy I got you detain I was about to arrest you till they find out who the person they’re really looking for they can do whatever they want I don’t hate all cops but they can do whatever they want

  5. Orange? Camo? Where the fuck did that come from? Seems a little suss.. but at least the ofc. went above and beyond trying to make clear he wasn't trying to profile the guy. Also, the color of shorts the actual perp was wearing is the lightest shade of black I've ever seen. Y'know what could've helped? Getting the color right and mentioning how fuckin' long they were. Either way it's gotta suck to be put in a shit situation like that—on both sides.. "in this day and age".

  6. i have to admit that i’ve seen worse. i rarely get any apologies for inconvenience in which officers are not required to do. what that actually does is is it illustrates a particular level of respect and courtesy as a public servant. my only objection is that it took at least four or more units to accomplish this and the reason i say that is because there could be ten or more people in the general vicinity matching this description. it’s only one guy and he’s being cooperative so once you detain him in cuffs, and there’s another unit to process his information while you keep him secured in his detainment, then the other back up units should resume their patrol just in case that’s not the guy because the real suspect could be getting away while you waste time with what could potentially be an innocent person.

  7. Why are cops allowed to get close to people without masks and some wear masks. This cannot be happening in the same PD's where they get to "choose" whether they want to or not when they are dealing in close proximity to the public?

  8. “Try to see it through our eyes”. How about try to see it through the eyes of the man minding his own business when all of a sudden he is stopped, cuffed and momentarily stripped of his rights for being nothing but innocent.

  9. Sue the shit out of them if he thinks he's been wrongly detained. But staying calm, complying and being smart led to no escalation and therefore no harm. A valuable lesson to all those screaming, aggressive, non-compliant , confrontational black people out there.

  10. For now on…When I jog on pubic streets…I am wearing a bright neon pink t shirt…With a yellow shorts….Also I am going to be wearing a construction safety vest with all this…In addition I am video my entire jog from start to finish…..All this precaution to stay safe as a African American Man in this country….

  11. Well, first of all, I think he should be called "Mister", not "buddy". And handcuffed? Every people passing by can see him as a criminal detained. So, a public humiliation. Why not putting him in a police car, with no handcuffs, while completing the recognition process? There seems to be "holes" in the training of american police forces.

  12. So here’s the deal this cop is so uneducated and a simpleton that he does what sarge says. That’s exactly what the guards at aushwitz treblinka. Bergen Belsen said. Just following orders Mmmhmmm I looked at this video and in 10 secs knew there is no way this guy just jacked someone’s property. He pulls out military ID This is damn despicable

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