LAPD Officers Deadly Shooting of Machete Carjacker Maniac

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Los Angeles Police Department — On November 25, 2019, around 11:20 a.m., a male suspect (later identified as 22-year-old, Nathaniel Pinnock) entered a local auto parts store located on the northeast corner of Fountain and Highland Avenue and committed a robbery, while armed with a machete. Pinnock left the store with the stolen items, while still armed with the machete.

Witnesses then flagged down LAPD, uniformed patrol officers, assigned to Hollywood Division and directed them to Pinnock, who was walking northbound on McCadden Place from De Longpre Avenue. The officers followed Pinnock and observed him walk into the drive-thru of restaurant located on the corner of McCadden Place and Sunset Blvd. Pinnock then entered the passenger side of a patron’s (victim’s) vehicle with the machete. The victim (driver) exited the vehicle and Pinnock climbed over into the driver’s seat. In the officers attempt to detain Pinnock a less-lethal option was used, which was ineffective.

Pinnock then stole the vehicle and drove out of the drive-thru at a high rate of speed and collided into two police vehicles, at which time the car came to rest at the intersection of McCadden Place and Sunset Blvd. As Pinnock exited the vehicle armed with the machete, the officers utilized additional less-lethal options. Despite these efforts, Pinnock ran from the vehicle eastbound on Sunset Blvd with the machete still in hand. The officers chase him on foot and after a short distance, Pinnock changed his direction and charged towards one of the officers while holding the machete in his right hand, resulting in an OIS.

Pinnock was struck by gunfire and fell to the pavement, where he was taken into custody without further incident.

The Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to the scene and transported Pinnock to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

A machete was located at scene and booked as evidence. Although one officer sustained minor injuries no other innocent bystanders were injured during this incident.

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30 thoughts on “LAPD Officers Deadly Shooting of Machete Carjacker Maniac

  1. And people still ask why cops shoot people with knives. When someone is coming towards you with a knife and you're holding a gun, their chemical imbalance means muscles won't lock up as normal and just like this guy they can cover 40 yards even after getting a mag dumped in them.

  2. Of every less than lethal force deployed I've seen thus far, it has proven that it only EMBOLDENS the suspects to escalate their actions. These policies are proving to be useless and it takes an act of a suspect against a politician's loved one to rethink their flawed policies. As long as politicians remain safe behind their high walled fences, they could care less what happens to our law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. 40mm, tasers and pepper spray does not deter suspects who are chemically impaired as we have seen more than hundred times with our very eyes. I'm seeing more and more demoralized officers in these blues state governed areas, hampered by its ill conceived less than lethal policies. Things will only get worse in these blue governed states, not better!

  3. I don't know the American laws, but the police work unfortunately seems very unprofessional. From my point of view, the raids are not carried out consistently, instead the criminals can still endanger uninvolved persons. Why let him get into a car? Consistent action avoids unnecessary dangerous situations, like the attack on the isolated officer. The same is true for pursuits, there are many records that show less damage is done by timely intervention. There should be improved tactics and training level for the benefit of police officers and citizens. It should be clear to every citizen that if you do not follow the instructions, the officers will react correspondingly. In these videos, usually part of the problem is substance abuse and other disorders that cause them to act irrationally.

  4. Perfect example of putting everyone at risk to pacify one maniac with a weapon.

    BLM idiots are going to get people killed, and they'd likely say this wasn't justified, "but, mental issues! Couldn't you shoot him in the leg?!"

    Yeah, have some crazy doped up machete welding maniac pull your car door open while you're at a drive-thru with your kids.

    If anyone was in that passenger seat, they'd been stabbed.

    Thanks criminal sympathizers.

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